Neo Geo MVS – Portable System

Ah, finally I get to make a portable version of my all-time favorite arcade system – the Neo Geo MVS (Multi Video System) Coming 1990! Your old system is a PLAIN HOT DOG!



Yes that’s right, it’s the Neo Geo arcade game system we all know and love shrunk down to portable size (8.25″ x 6.5″ x 1″) with a 5″ color TFT screen. And it even runs off the ever classic and always popular 7.2 volt Sony camcorder battery. It takes the standard MVS cartridges that were used in arcades. Granted they’re thicker than the portable itself and almost as large, but what can you do?

This unit was built by request so it’s not for sale as it’s already been spoken/paid for. However if you’re interested as to how I managed to cobble this thing together go ahead and visit the:

Neo Geo MVS Portable Making Of section!

I promise I’ll try and make it interesting! As an added bonus it even discusses how to get stereo sound out of the mono-only MV-1C board. Have fun!

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