People Heart Neo Geo!

Ok I must admit I’m surprised at the response my Neo Geo portable (or Neo Geo Peo as I call it) has garnered. In fact I’m actually on building my third unit of these. Problem is it’s a very labor intensive portable, so I have to stop sometime (so I can build my own Neo Geo arcade machine for the living room)

BUT… What if I made some sort of Neo Geo MVS console system? This would be easier, cheaper and probably more useful for the average Neo Geo fan. Plus I love the system so much I feel obligated to do something cool for it, if only to introduce more gamers to the “Best Game They’ve Never Played” – Metal Slug!

So yeah… email me with thoughts, cost estimates (what it’d be worth) re: this console MVS idea.

UPDATE: I have a layout for a MVS console based off a MV-1C board. It would use Neo Geo joysticks. If anyone is interested in funding the prototype and supplying the motherboard let me know. My idea is to develop it and then possibly make kits available.

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