New 65nm CPU *not found* in very new Xbox 360

As probably the most prolific single buyer of Xbox 360 consoles on the planet, I would like to pass along news of NOT finding a new 65nm GPU in the latest Xbox 360 I disassembled.

I was in Target and after dodging the usual throngs of people trying to buy dust collectors – I mean Wiis – and I saw they had the new Kung-Fu Panda 60 gig Xbox 360’s. The manufacture date and lot number were both well above what had been reported to be the new chips, so I bought it.

Upon taking it apart, it had the same old GPU as before, though there were other further changes to the board even past 60 gig units I’d bought a month ago. I have no doubt it’s coming, and I plan to be the first to find one. But alas, not yet.

Reported elsewhere to have new chipset: Manufacture date 8-26-08 and up, lot number 0831 and up.

Benheck confirmed NO new chipset: Manufacture date 9-4-08, lot number 0836.

UPDATE: Apparently one of these has been found in the wild (but not by me, just to be clear) with the following specs:

  • 150W power supply (sounds about right)
  • Manufacture date: 10/23/2008 (that’s very new)
  • Lot number 0843X (what is that, a year in a Mega Man game?)

Once I find one myself I will of course rip it completely apart and share the new GPU with the world! Apparently it also has 256 megs of onboard memory as well, probably because of NXE.

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  1. Too bad, we’ll have to wait a little longer 🙂

    I just saw the same bundle in Europe with number 838 in it btw.

  2. So exactly how many 360’s have ya torn apart? 25? How many in search of the 65nm GPU? 😀

    I like your “dust collector” comment. Speaking of which, mine’s got a Slim PS2 sitting on top of it, which gets played more than said “dust collector”. I thinking of trying to sell it to someone who’d might actually use the thing, and use that money for a PS3, or to pay down credit cards…

  3. I wonder why MS would do this….maybe they had to get rid of a bunch of the old chips?

    In any event, would you like to part with a faceplate or two?

  4. If anyone wants a case email me, I’ll give em away, just pay shipping.

    RE dust collector Wii, yeah, there’s one here. I don’t think it’s been played since the day it got hooked up, but it’s quite useful for charging PS3 controllers.

    Jones and I are planning a “Go Xbox 360!” pro-American economy podcast soon.

  5. Huh….I own all three consoles, and I use my Wii a SHIT TON. TO each their own I guess. *shrugs*

    Mr. Heckendorn, could you please elaborate on these “further changes to the board” that you refer to in your post? I’m very curious about them. Thanks!

  6. Im very interested in some of those xbox 360 shells you say you have. Pls get back to me and let me know how much you want or whatever. Thanx

  7. Unfortunately, the missing 65 nm GPU doesn’t surprise me at all; there’s a whole bunch of people looking for Jasper at this blog: and we haven’t seen anything remotely 65 nm even in 360s with a lot # 0839, and also the lot # 0839X (although we don’t know what the X denotes).

    To find Jasper I think you’ll have to look at the 0840s upwards. It would be great if you found one and shared the details with us!

  8. I agree Mitch, I should have learned from last year. The Falcon boards “allegedly” started with the Halo 3 Xbox’s in September, but I didn’t find one until January.

    Might have faster throughput this year, I’ve noticed the 60’s move pretty fast since the price drop.

    As mentioned, there are further changes on this board, ie, even fewer electrolytic caps and the ones it has are a new type and yes, all the RAM is consolidated to the tops “parts side” of the board.

    I’m curious if the PSU will change. They’re already majorly parts-reduced, even since the early 175w models, I wonder if they’re just leave it 175w or make yet another 3RD PSU for the Jasper.

    Also, will the GPU heatsink change? It’d be funny if it changed BACK to the original aluminum, copper’s expensive!

  9. Hi Ben, thanks 4 the answer!! From all the rumours, I’d also expect the PSU to stay at 175w, at least for the start, altough I think there was a report on the interwebs that MS had registered new ones with lower wattage (

    A specialist retailer at my end in Germany also confirmed that the Jasper would most likely appear first in the 60 GB or the Arcade; for the Elite it might take quite a while.

    According to reports back in June ( MS ordered enough wafers to have made a tonne of 65 nm GPUs by now, so I guess they must be held up in some testing procedures or there was a problem with the new mobo, some disc reading problems were rumoured 🙁

    Anyway, I’ll look forward to you getting your expert hands on the first Jasper!

  10. Hey Ben, My 360, Manufacturer date 17-09-2008 (Using English/Australian formatting for you Yanks) defiantly runs cooler than my other friends 360 (Falcon model) and when I used the trick for the GPU heatsink (Light + Camera with zoom on the bottom bit of the case) I noticed it had a completely different heatsink to even the Falcon, at least the GPU auxiliary heatsink was different, maybe I was lucky and scored a Jasper?

    Funny thing is, I got a 360 Arcade then the refurbished Hard Drive from the NXE deal going on….

    I don’t have the tools to open up my 360 at the moment, but as soon as I do I will check for you guys.

  11. Hey a quick question im in the UK im wondering where you live so i can work out shipping charge on two cases , if you can give me a size/ weight info that would be great, if the shipping is too much il just wait until my 360 dies , also ive had a look around and cant find any info do you sell the 360 laptops and if so can you make one for use in the uk , any info would be great ,if ive missed this somewhere and have asked it for the 23251231222th time im sorry,

    cheers anyway

  12. I repair 360’s for a living, as far i know refurbish mobos are still the same for each SKU’s. Jasper could appear sometime next year.

  13. I want to turn a 360 shell into an arcade stick. What kind of deal you lookin’ to make on them 360 shells?

  14. I could really use a elite case if you have an extra also a regular one would be appreciated, planning an extensive dremmel job and could use some for practice or just in case i really muff up. I would gladly pay shipping plus extra if requested. Thanks in advance for any reply, sorry for this newb question but why is everyone so excited about this 65nm?


    The ‘excitement’ is due to the fact that the reduced power consumtion of a 65 nm GPU would lead to a further heat reduction and make the RRoD even less likely. With rumours around that the Falcons have a reliability of approx. 10% some gamers are still wating for that extra bit of reliability. Also, there are some hopes that the cooling fans will be quieter, although I think the NXE will solve most of the noise issues…

  16. There are newer around

    I was shown a week 42 Gears 2 Limited Edition box in game (uk)
    about two weeks ago

    they wouldnt sell it though until gears 2 launch day

  17. Cool, i would love one of those ps3 cases, where can i email an order to? also by ps3 case, is it just a ps3 case, or is it a PS3 case adapted to take a 360 motherboard with no modifcations necisary? where does the disc tray come out of? im confused, have i got everything wrong?

  18. In regards to people asking RE the cases – please feel free to read the one or two dozen comments above where you posted advising you to contact Ben via email in regards to shipping. If you are not sure how to contact him, I am going to guess that somewhere on his website is a Contact Us or Contact Ben option that will zip you straight to his email.

    Gumby – he said it was a case, just a PS3 case, not modded. Sorry for the confusion.

    Hey Ben, what kind of a size reduction do you anticipate the 65 NM GPU could have when it comes to the 360 laptop? My understanding is that the current GPU is 90 NM so dropping to 65 NM should cut heat down quite a bit.

  19. Sorry for the double post, but to contact Ben you don’t even need to leave this page,

    E-Mail Us

    is located at the top right of the page.

  20. Thanks for the clear up Harlequin, the thing that made me think it was was a moded case 4 the 360 was that he put “the current suppy of xbox 360 cases” i thought it would be, but that would still be cool, and soon after, water cooled, all i need 2 find is a very slim line water cooler, or even bolt my 360+ the ps3 case together and use the ps3 case as a water cooler enclsoure. I know you all would find this as if i wasnt realy taking any risks but does anyone know what the performance of this system is like?

    Also, anyone Know where i could get my hands on specific parts for an Xbox 360, specificly the front plate or “acent” as ive seen it called + the control sticks and the dpad, mainly the one from the new black and red controler, and swich them into my old black controler.

    and one final thing, I would LOVE to know if it would be possible to take the bare minimum of the ps3 controler electronics, and cram it into a xbox 360 wireless controler, but keep the 360 stuff in there as well, i know ben has put the ps3 controler in a 360 controler, but do you think it would be possible to do both THAT WOULD BE AUSOME, just as the new power button put a second sync button, and put red leds in the ring of light thing. COULD IT BE DONE?

  21. I’m having majour issues with red lights and a bad cd rom drive at the minute and finding your blog is hopefully the solution.

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