See me & the Sonic Boom guys at MAGFest 2009!

I have been invited to attend MAGFest 2009 in Alexandria, VA. It’s a music and gaming fest (hence the MAG) and I’ll probably be doing a panel of some sort.

Remember, smoking can cause health problems and stuff, so ask your doctor before doing it. However society encourages you to drink all you want.

You can also meet George Force and Michael Zucker of the Sonic Boom podcast while we’re there, ask me all sorts of questions, get autographs, try to outdrink me, whatever!

Check out their website using the link below. We’ll be there on January 2-4.

5 thoughts on “See me & the Sonic Boom guys at MAGFest 2009!”

  1. I will be home from Iraq on my 2wk leave on the 2nd which would be perfect…however…I’m kinda horny and really looking forward to being in…and with my wife so I have to miss out on this opportunity of meeting you. Definitely keep us posted if you will be around the tri-state area after June 09. I’ll be back home then and would like to take the next available opportunity to meet you then. Have fun there!!!

  2. Poddy McPodcasterson! WHERE ARE YOU!

    🙁 We miss you. I already lost my favorite blog of all time this month (r.i.p.… don’t take my podcasts away also!

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