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As I continue to work on the new site after last week’s “rush ‘o doom” I have added in the “Hacking Videogame Consoles” book section again. You can get to it using the link on the top over to the right.

It has all the content and links as the old site, plus the automatic eBay search links, but done up in the new format, using WordPress to manage the pages. I’m contemplating using WordPress pages to catalog ALL the old stories (right now they’re on the site in the old structure, you can find a partial list here or use the Search feature to find the article and link), but that will take me awhile. But hey, for now, if you’re new to the site you could type in a random system in Search and see if I’ve ever done it!

On the old site there was a list of all projects in the side column. I didn’t do that this time because I thought it looked a bit messy. But is this what people would prefer? I also considered a single page, linked to as “Browse Projects”, that contains all the projects in a list. Same for movies, podcasts, etc. That’d work, but it kind of defeats the purpose of a lot of the easy WordPress features.

I’m open to suggestion, email me! Or comment, I guess we can do that now too.

7 thoughts on “New Book Section”

  1. You should have a link to a page with all the projects on it. Yesterday I wanted to show a buddy your hand held Neo Geo project and I couldn’t find a link to it anywhere.

  2. I really liked having the projects on the sidebar. I would love it if you could have the Browse All Projects link.


  3. Hmm… I prefer the old site way, the way you say is a little “messy”. If somebody new enters the site, and they see a simple link “Projects” hidden within the rest of the links, then they won’t realize that that is a main focus of the site, and they may overlook it. People won’t realize that the site is a gold mine of elaborate mods. If you have all of the projects listed in a big list, then newcomers will realize, “wow, this man has done a whole lot of great and interesting work! I could stay here and read all day” and they won’t overlook. That’s how I got interested in this site 1.5 years ago.

    I mean, “Portable NES” looks a whole lot more interesting than “Projects”.

    But, that’s just my opinion.

  4. In looking at the new “Help & Troubleshooting” page, all of the links with the exception of the one in “2-a: Labeling mistake in Chapter 7 Figure 7-19:” are broken. They all return 404 Not Found errors. Not sure if it’s still in the works or not, but I bought the book recently and have started on the NES project. Thanks! 🙂

  5. I think a dropdown tab containing headers of the consoles then below the header there would be the revision of the console that way you get all the prjects lined verticly like before but they are hidden in a dropdown tab to keep it “clean” looking

  6. I liked how you listed the projects on the side, though I really like Andy’s suggestion. I never remember enough about stuff to effectively “search” for it. You need links available to each project in some way. Really, I don’t care how you do it, just do it. The burdens of becoming an institution in and of yourself, eh?

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