Welcome to the new Benheck.com!

As you can see the benheck.com site has undergone a major facelift. The main news section, what you are looking at now, runs off WordPress and has much more functionality for our viewers/listeners, including RSS feeds and a commenting system.

Every post I’ve ever done has been put into the database, allowing you to look back as far as December of 2000! There were a few months older than that (the *original* GeoCities site) but I can’t find the files. No big loss, nothing really happened until December anyway.

The DNS changed before I was ready, so I’m having to rebuild a few things (including getting the forum data in the right place) Stay tuned, we’ll get it going!

Forums are now up, sorry it took so long, I basically made a fairly dumb mistake. Or a series of them. Thanks to Jason Jones for knocking me upside the head and setting it all straight!

36 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Benheck.com!”

  1. Fantastic look, but are you going to be adding the shortcuts to each of your portables like before? That was a very convenient thing to have – I tend to look at your past projects for inspiration and tips.

  2. The new site looks AMAZING! All round and shiny. Shiny is good.

    I just hope the database was backed up before the move, so nothing is lost. Would you want to upgrade to phpbb 3 sometime in the future? (It’s only in beta 5, and they have a little ways to go before it’s even a release candidate…) For now the latest stable phpbb 2 system will work just fine.

  3. The forums will be up “when they’re done”. Kinda like Duke Nukum.

    The data has been backed up, several times and ways, so don’t worry about that. I just have to get a new install of phpBB to read it.


  4. “The forums will be up “when they’re done”. Kinda like Duke Nukum.”
    so never then? bummer, i kinda liked the forums

  5. no I dont think we do, but I re-registered before we went to school. I hope this doesnt screw anything up

    BTW ben hurryup ive never been so bored in my life!

  6. No. Phpbb has been installed, but as of this writing it hasn’t been set up to use the database. (Be it linked to the old database or a restored copy on a new server)

    No touchy! Leave the forums alone! Ben will have them up and running again soon.

    “Status: Forums are not ready yet, so please don’t bother going in there until I say so on this main page. Thanks…”

    If you have the overwhelming urge to chat, you’re more than welcome to use my forums. 🙂 (There’s a temp area set up.)

  7. So are you going to update the layout of the forum or will we have to continue getting eyesores from subsilver 😛

  8. As long as it’s optional, I don’t care what themes get installed. (Read: As long as they’re OPTIONAL!) I like the clean simplicity of SubSilver. “Function over form”? Perhaps.

  9. Just in case you hadn’t noticed: quite a number of the older posts (from November 2006 and earlier) have messed-up links and images because the URLs are pointing to your hard drive instead of your web space.

  10. i have done some PhpBB forums skinning before. I could make it look like the site if your intrested ben.

  11. great work ben. i listen to all the podcasts and i really think you are on to something as to the system modding.

    a few questions:
    why do you not use cell phone batteries for your projects? they have a long life and are very small, i would think they would be ideal? im sure you know your stuff and have a good reason, im just curious what rules them out.

    also, any plans for hacks with a gameboy? reason i ask is it seems to be so small and easy to work with, and the card readers they have for them now make them do almost anything.

  12. Cell phone batteries last a long time in cell phones because they draw very little current. Consoles and screens draw much more current, and drain the batteries faster. Imagine the battery is a bucket, the phone is a nail, and the portable a tent stake. The nail makes a small hole in the bottom of the bucket, so it can go a long time before the bucket is empty (the battery is discharged). The tent stake makes a much larger hole, which pases more water, which empties the bucket faster. See where I’m going with this? 🙂

  13. Very nice! Only thing is, I miss having direct links to all of your videogame projects, articles (like the Future of Gaming), and movies on the sidebar. If you could bring that back, I would be very happy!

    Besides that, very nice layout! Plus, nice choice using WordPress.

  14. Yes I know Colin, what I’ll probably do is make some sub-pages that have complete lists of projects I’ve done. This site is still a work-in-progress.

  15. The site looks reall nice, I especially like the random pic in the top corniner! 🙂

  16. When are the movies going to be up again? I want to watch some nazi’s get their asses kicked without having to dig up Indiana Jones

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