New single-handed controller

Here’s a new controller I put together for a customer. It doesn’t have a fancy case but went together pretty quickly, kind of like the Guitar Hero drum pedal puff switch. (Well, not as quickly as that one, but faster than most)

To see some more pics that may inspire you to mod a controller of your own, see below.

Inside the shell. I’ve added 2 tact switches that are in range of the thumb. These buttons are for BACK and LEFT BUMPER.

Here’s a new approach I haven’t tried before. Since the middle finger doesn’t have anything to do anyways (unless you’re in traffic) I’ve put the left analog trigger here. Some trimming of the white plastic was required, and I had to cut a “trough” in the curved part of the shell so it could sit level. Hot glue – I mean “thermal prototyping gel” holds the trigger assembly to the shell.

As with other single-handed controllers I’ve put the left analog stick on the bottom so it can be actuated by tilting the controller against your leg. I’m including a second analog nub that is attached to a swath of leather – this creates a “pad” that won’t slip as easily.

Connections to left analog stick and trigger.

The original D-pad and left analog have been put back in place and hot glued as to be inert. The small wires seen above connect the BACK and LEFT BUMPER buttons to the main PCB.

Bottom end view of unit. This was a super-rush job, so I figured I’d just leave the bottom open. Simpler. Headphones (new type) and charge & play adapters still fit fine.

A demo video of the unit being used.

107 thoughts on “New single-handed controller”

  1. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me, but I always find thrown together projects much cooler than professional-looking stuff. It’s why I really like sites like “There, I Fixed It” and stuff too. Something about improvisation. Or…something.

  2. When I saw “Ben Heck gets sloppy and we love it” I was thinking “yep, on MGD in #fmcg!” 😉 Sweet work man, you should sell it to the drummer from Def Lepard! l8z

  3. K scratch that last post man, I RTFA and see it’s sold already. The drummer from Def Leppard will have to commission you. 😉

    “Ben Heck gets sloppy and we love it”. “Yes, yes he does on MGD in #fmcg!” 😉
    Sweet work man!

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  5. How much would something like this cost? I have a friend who has a young son with only one hand, something like this would allow him to do join in with his friends.

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