New Xbox 360 Portable

Note: Inside pics / Making of section added.

My latest project is the Xbox 360 Portable. Figured that was a more appropriate name than laptop, because seriously, who’d put this in their lap? It weighs almost as much as my sister’s cat.

New Xbox 360 Portable Experience

It differs from my past Xbox 360 laptops in several ways:

  • Removable standard Xbox 360 hard drive for easy profile/data swapping
  • Both memory card slots accessible, same reason.
  • No keyboard! Really, they have those chat pads, what’s the point? (Besides looking cool)
  • Simplified layout of ports and buttons.
  • Internal wi-fi module, no external antenna. Antenna is strung out inside unit like other consoles/laptops.
  • Beveled edges! Countersunk screws!

Containing the full-sized 360 hard drive caused this unit to be about 1/2″ thicker than past models.

For a bunch more photos and info please read the rest of the story below. The THQ Darksiders prize laptop is the same model as this one but covered with artwork of course.

This black unit was a commissioned model, as for new large-project orders I probably can’t take more until the spring. If you do wish to suggest a project to me remember weirder is always better!

Demonstration Video:

More finished product photos:

Shiny lid can be used to signal airplanes if you ever get Lost on an island with Evangeline Lily.

The unit when opened. There is a brushed aluminum plate on the back with the same Xbox 360 logo as some of my past projects. Originally this was going to be a blank black top (with logo) but I added the plate to cover up some pre-existing material scratches and to allow some “case gaps” behind the screen circuitry.

For some reason this reminds me of a skeleton breastplate - don't ask me why!

Inside of the unit. Again we have brushed aluminum, though this is the faux plastic kind. Still looks good. The keyboard has been replaced with something more important – lots of air holes. No keyboard also allows for the hard drive compartment…

There is one more chip...

Lift the Velcro-secured upper left panel to reveal the full-sized hard drive. Looking back now a non-removable hard drive and no memory card access was a pretty stupid thing to omit on my past projects. I guess you live and learn.

I C U!!!!!

Once again we have an Xbox Live Vision camera. Truthfully I don’t know what the purpose of this thing is, other than to see grainy video of people contemplating UNO moves, but people seem to like it so it’s back again. The controls from the LCD are also present, so adjustments can be made if need be.

Xbox portable - now with cheesy Mii rip-off characters!

Installing Gears of War 2: Attack of the Giant Worm on the Xbox 360 Portable. Game installs are a great feature on NXE since they alleviate the need for the super-noisy DVD drive, which is even handier on a unit such as this. Reduces power consumption as well.

Gears of War 2: Now with Third Color! (orange)

Noisy DVD tray ejected. You can see the eject button just above. This unit does not have an exposed IR sensor as with previous models. It’s a lot easier to have everything on one surface (such as the ring of light, buttons, USB port) than sticking out all over in random spots.

Despite what you mom always told you, you can NEVER have enough air holes.

Memory card ports. Another way to easily transfer your data. You can really see the reflectivity of the fake brushed aluminum in this shot.

It must be thiiiiiin!

Side view of unit. There is silver trim as with the Playstation 3 portable. The basic theme of this unit is black and silver. A box of crap with “controller” misspelled is clearly visible in the background.

In case you didn't know what this console was, the DVD drive door reminds you

DVD door closed.

Main view of inside panel. It was very important to me that every vent hole was symmetrical to the ones on the other side.

Ring of Lift at the moment

Ring of light, eject and sync buttons. Simple & symmetrical, the way I like it!

Volume control knob on side of unit drives built-in stereo speakers. The knob was very late in the design, so yes, it looks like an afterthought.

Main view of console that was a little too washed out to be used for the hero pic.

Somewhat Truncated but still Fully Functional “Making Of” Section

Yeah I know, in the olden days I used to do big ridiculous “making of” stories but I guess I am either too lazy or busy anymore to squeeze them out. Fear not, our Christmas Special podcast intro will be sweet.

I bought a scanner and liked it...

I usually start a project by ripping everything apart and scanning it into my computer, which is a PC by the way. Even though my Xbox laptops might similar they have all been designed from scratch.

As you can see in the photo above I am a big fan of scanners. See, if you scan something with Photoshop it will come in at actual size. Then, if you take said image into Illustrator (with which I do all my designing, and in 2D to boot) you can get an actual-size reference.

I usually don’t rely on the scan exclusively, rather I use to double-check my manual measurements, but it’s a good system. You can also print stuff at actual size and use it to double check your drawings against the parts. The Xbox 360 motherboard has changed slightly over the years, so it’s always good to check.

I have a decent sized library of parts drawn up from over the years, but occasionally I’ll get pissed and just draw something from scratch. However the “Portable” logo you see on some of my stuff, including this, dates back to the original Atari VCSp.

Ever see that video where the guy cooks an egg on the 360's GPU?

Here is the Xbox with the fans and heat sinks installed. Please note this isn’t the final layout but it’s the only photo I could find. The CPU heatsink (aluminum thing, right) has been “shaved down” to fit the case but gained some copper “wings” in the final product. Copper is expensive so you see less and less of it in every console revision, but these laptops are expensive so why not use it?

The pair of fans in the back are wired to the original 12 volt fan line, which has a variable speed as set by the console. The smaller fan up front exhales heat from the GPU heat pipe extension thing.

Believe it or not, only my basement looks like this. Really!
You can never have enough beef stew, Chex Mix, Diet Pepsi or LCD monitors.

Once again I’ve used the Gateway 1775W LCD monitor. It’s not the most amazing thing on earth but I’m used to using it, know its quirks and of course all the parts are already drawn up in my computer. Also it has a resolution of exactly 1280×720 which allows a pixel-pefect 720p signal with no interpolation.

They have been discontinued it would seem so I ran to Circuit City one day and bought a bunch from their warehouse to at least get me through what projects I had on the burner.

Another overly-labeled photo in the tradition

Here’s the driver board for the LCD. As you can see, some forward-thinking engineer planned to have an audio amplifier on this thing, but some corporate kiss-butt (yes, Twister reference, that’s right) must have taken it out. Oh well. Anyway, all we really need here is the DVI input, and of course we’ll have to have a power connection as well. This particular unit uses +5 and +12 volts.

It seems whenever I mod PSU's that Law & Order is on. Wait, Law & Order is ALWAYS on!
Do not touch any of this crap while the system is running!

This is the power supply/lamp inverter for the LCD. Believe it or not, this sucker is split into not 1, not 2, but THREE pieces for the final project. The lamp inverter portion goes with the LCD, the power supply bits (which have to be split in two to fit inside the 360’s power supply) go, well, on the 360’s power supply.

"The power of the sun... in the palm of my hand!"
These PSU’s should get a room already.

Here is the “360 laptop super-brick” before the lid put on. The LCD PSU is hacked up and still barely fits on top (stupid transformer) and the XBox 360 guts are below. (Don’t worry, the final product has insulation between the two halves) The AC input is shared between both PSU’s, and the power cord is modified to add the LCD power.

It could be POSSIBLE to run the LCD off the 360’s power supply directly, but that would probably be really pushing it. Actually, if you had a newer Jasper 360 unit, requiring 150w, but with an older 175w/203w power supply (giving you 25-50 spare watts on the 12 volt line) it might be possible. Hm, I just thought of that while typing this sentence… might be worth a try!

World-class engineering here, folks.
Notice the VGA port tacked on… this is usually for testing purposes.

Here is the back of the LCD with the driver and inverter boards wired back up. Yes, that is electrical tape but don’t worry, I’ve used a lot of it. Also very useful when doing these sorts of mods is thin plastic from packaging, like the back half of those infernal “blister packs”. I usually recycle (read: don’t have to buy) that sort of stuff and re-purpose it (read: recycle) for mods such as this. Plus I don’t drink soda from 2 liter bottles, so that plastic is never around (and if it was it’d be curvy and useless anyway!)

Much like a caterpiller in a cocoon, this looks like crap. But soon it shall be beautiful!

Above we see the first pieces of case cut out and slapped together to give me an idea of how it will look. It’s always a very satifying step when you start putting projects together and they actually look like something. Unless of course they end up looking bad, in which case you typically cry.

You can see the copper wings on the CPU sink in this shot
Xbox 360 laptop being tested, Google Earth view.

Here is the unit being tested for the first time. My homemade antenna was able to get my Wi-Fi in the basement, so that’s not too bad. It’s strung out inside the faceplate of the unit, kind of like a normal laptop, Wii, PS360 or old-school in-window car antenna (though apparently those are coming back?)

This fan is only slightly larger than the one in the PS3
“Just in case”

Of course the first thing the Xbox wanted to do was install NXE, so I ran a fan over the guts during the install process just to be safe. “Saving Data: Do Not Turn Off Console During the 2 Seconds This Message Appears!”

OK that’s about all I have for the Making Of. Be sure to stay tuned for the THQ Darksiders laptop, which will be exactly like this one but covered with artwork!

335 thoughts on “New Xbox 360 Portable”

  1. Its an amazing piece of design Ben… but I still have to say (as I’ve said on each of your most recent 360 “laptops”… lacking a keyboard sorta ruins it for me.

    If I ever develop a brain tumor, and think paying someone thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars for a video game system is a good idea (and I know you agree with me… this sort of excessive consumerism is moronic, but kudos to you… seriously… for separating all these morons from their money. If you hadn’t taken it, they’d likely have surreptitiously/accidentally funded terrorism anyway), I’d spring for a keyboard.

    I need to upgrade my 360 OS.

  2. WOW!! I really love how the metal plating on the instide follows form with the Original Xbox 360 (to me, it looks like the from and side)

  3. Dear god that is awesome. I would take it with me everywhere. Gah. How much is one of these babies worth? 365 dollars? 500? Something over a thousand (oh noes)?!

  4. OH MY GOD, you actualy are its called the church of Ben.
    I remeber when i saw it when it was white and not complete, and I was salivating all over my computer, but now, IT IS THE BEST!!!
    My personal favorate change is the bevled edges, it changes the look entirely, sooo much cleaner, personly i agree with hossrex and i miss the keyboard. how about beveled edges, how did you do it?

    anyway just one thing that i need to say in reference to all of your older 360 anyone below the age of 13 and hasnt won the lottery who wants one and will “save up for one” you better off asking a bowl of custard. As these laptops sell for exhorbitait ammounts of money well above $10000 for the ps3 laptop (i cant remeber what it finaly sold at but it was high, brief cases of money high)
    also dont ask to have one built in the replys section email Ben himself, and even then you will almost certainly be rejected.
    Any way by far your best work ever
    oh and a suggested project, not for me but someone would probably want one,
    All in one LCD, cram in a 360 PS3, Wii and a Tivo into a HUGE LCD, would be cool what does everyone think?

    also a personal question to anyone, does the mac keyboad work with the 360?

  5. Hey there Forge. How ’bout you make an all-in-one emulator? as in something that plays psx,dreamcast, n64, ps2, xbox and gamecube games.

    Or just turn water into wine. That would wrap things up.

  6. Wow… I’ve been wanting a XboX 360 for a while. When I saw the first XboX 360 Laptop I was amazed the seeing the PS3 and Wii to go along with it i was astonished. I’ve been running low on funds forever since I’ve started College three years ago. Looking at this makes me feel poor hahaha. If I had your engineering skills I’d probably help everyone make a XboX 360 or PS3 whatever. I’m not very big on charging for so it would be free. Anywho I just want to say Great job man… I really appreciate your Engineering skills. I hope whom ever you give it to Appreciates it cause that is one nice custom object. Keep Up the Good Work…:D

  7. Pretty neat and cool but could have been more stylish.
    I still love the portable Xbox console, design looks badass but downside is it doesn’t contain a hdd, best for XBMC.

    Hey good luck with this sweet hardware, you’ll get more money if put on sale!

  8. please start instant serial production of that thing – wanna buy one of this!!!
    great work – cudos!

  9. Ben! You are extremely fucking talented and creative! I hope you are making a shit tonne of money doing these mods. Amazing! If I ever come into a load of cash I am so asking you for the honor of an XBOX 360 laptop!


  10. I am just curious…what is the resolution on that screen?

    I’d assume its capable of 720P atleast (would love 1080P) 😀

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  12. OMG so lame, dont you have better things to do with your life than repackage other peoples products, you want to impress other people than Fabois with no technical skills, why dont you build something of your own.

  13. Congratulations on the fantastic mod you’ve really outdone yourself since the first 360 Laptop.

    If only you could seal some deal with Microsoft and get a license to sell these because I’d buy one.

  14. Porkchops it doesnt come out, its a one off built by Ben, one of them took 3 months i think (correct me if im wrong) and on some of his previous laptops he had approximatly 100 people wanting to buy it, and i dont think ben would want to spend 25 years creating Xbox laptops

  15. Gee, another 360 portable. Woo hoo. I bet you are getting a little bored of these by now Ben, and probably also sick to death of the thousands of lamers who want to buy one. If I was you I would make myself never ever ever touch an xbox or PS3 to mod it ever again and work with something that doesn’t attract thousands of people who think they can make you build them one. But if you like dealing with a mob I guess that’s OK, I’m sure you more than make up for the money you spend building them by selling them to the drooling hordes.

  16. Indeed correct Arfink! It does get boring making Xbox 360 laptops. But it’s what people pay for.

    Kind of like singers who probably want to share their new stuff with the world, but at concerts all people want to hear is their hit from 20 years ago. That’s just life, I guess!

    If people paid me to build other things I’d do it in a heartbeat but again, this is what I am known for.


  17. @benheck: Play Freebird! And make me a portable 360!

    I really do like the beveled edges.

  18. Sweet setup mate… I’d killl for one of those… I’m currently carrying my 21.5″ Full HD Monitor alongside my 360 to play it everywhere. Really interested in buying… keep me informed if you do!

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Hey Ben! was it your xbox 360 laptop that was published in Popular science magazine a little while back?

  20. Lesson in photography: Turn off the flash, and there’s no washout, especially when considering tv/computer/modded console screens. I’m sure you knew that though 🙂

    Console looks excellent!

  21. @lukeee a google search for “ben heck popular science” confirms that.
    @Ben. whens the internal pics coming?

  22. Just curious…
    In the current version, would it be difficult to detach the HDMI from the LCD? In the event you find yourself near a larger screen, it would be great if you could take advantage of it.

  23. Ben –

    This is awesome. Kudos on a job well done.

    Have you ever thought about making a portable where the screen swivels around like the LCD on a convertible tablet PC? I used to have a Toshiba M3500, and when I’d sit in bed reading or playing Heroes of Might and Magic, I’d swivel the screen around so it was facing me and the keyboard was on the backside (normally you’d complete this movement with closing it, thus converting it in to tablet mode).

    This kept the LCD close to me (it was a smallish screen and removed any distractions from my eyes, while I could still use the pen to do any clicking I needed. Obviously one of your console laptops wouldn’t need a keybord, so there would be even less reason to have that space between you and the screen.

    If you wanted the space – if it’s too close to use on a plane – you could always swivel it back around and use the same thing.

    Anyway, keep up the impressive work!

  24. Hey great job Ben! I love following your work in progress pages. Really like the beveled edges and personally like it better with out the key board. Hope you get a lot for this thing and good luck coming up with a different idea that sells equally as well! Don’t know if any one suggested this yet, but maybe a portable multiconsole combo? I’m sure that would offer a good challenge. Good luck and keep at it!

  25. Hey Ben,

    Long time fan, first time poster. I think this 360 Laptop is the best looking out of the bunch. I would like a keyboard, but like you said, they have the ones on the controllers. How much would you charge for a 360 laptop like this? I’m interested in purchasing one for when I visit a McDonalds with WiFi access. Also would one of these be XSATA compatible?

    Keep up the good work.

    Clarence “Raditude” Miller

  26. LOL at Xbox 360 Portable. Figured that was a more appropriate name than laptop, because seriously, who’d put this in their lap?,
    But i wouldnt call it entirely portable, maby Xbox 360 more portable, or xbox 360 travel pack, if you cram a power inverter into the power brick. What sort of power consumption does it have?

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  28. Awesome once again, Mr. Heckedorn.

    Would love to have one of these on the road that I’m unfortunately on too often. You should throw one my way as a charitable offer of the season, eh? 🙂

    Can’t wait for more and more to come.

  29. Nice! But isn’t it getting a little repetitive, building Xbox laptops over and over?

    Think you’ll sign up for AdSense on YouTube? The 360 laptop demo video you put up yesterday already has more than 12,000 views; that shows some potential. It couldn’t hurt…

  30. I’m sorry, but what a waste of time and resources…That thing is a brief case for crying out loud.

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  32. i luvv that mod… But u should’v made a slot loading drive for the 360 like RDC on ur forums… It’s pimp!! These modds are all amazing

  33. I’m a totally straight guy but I’d gladly have sex with you for these amazing skills. You sir, are a true American Hero even more so than those G.I. Joe dudes.

  34. Dude, if you have not already you should seriously pattent that idea. I am a lover of open source, but you don’t want Microsoft taking your idea, and pushing you out the door.

  35. i just wanted to say how awesome I think it is for you to be making xbox 360 portable, also just wanted to know how much would one of these units cost .

  36. Its nice to see your throwing some good ideas out there that microsoft will never take advantage of. I have to acknowledge the sheer state of euphoria that seeing an 360 in something other than the black hulking piece of craptastic garbage I paid 300 dollars for. If only your drive and ingenuity could be translated into a mass produced product…. But I suppose that in and of itself is an oxy-moron.

    “We’re Not Worthy”

  37. Hey I have a tip to make it better. Why don’t you replace the desktop LCD with a laptop one. They are infinitely thinner and use less power. The only problem I see is getting video from the 360 to the laptop LCD it would be tricky to drive one of those LCDs. Then you could run the power off the 360 brick. Also the volume knob, and hdmi cables going to the screen are ugly.

  38. Do you know there is a genuine xbox portable in prototype now? Expect in in 2nd half of 2009.

  39. That is absolutely incredible. He does wonders with his mods. Now lets get an assembly line of Ben Hecks, producing portable 360’s for the world to enjoy…ah one can only imagine.

  40. I think M$ is stupid as shit if they don’t consider something like this for their 360’s and hire ben as the design chief. I’d get one then, I can’t afford an original ben heck version i’m certain of it lol.

  41. This is just an opinion so don’t get your panties in a bunch. When I saw the write up about this I thought the system would be much smaller. So I was very disappointed. This is pretty much like lugging around a large laptop that gets extremely hot. I’m sure power requirements would limit use on the road, and where would you put a something this hot in the backseat anyway. I would rather ditch the screen altogether and get this down to cube size like the gamecube with a handle of something and be able to plug that into any large screen available when you get to your destination.

  42. why bother… the new xbox ‘X2’ is coming out next summer with the size of the good old nintendo gamecube. Beat that size! And a hologram projector will be a hardware add-on end 2009… So who needs lcd anymore?! But thats just between you and me…

  43. I’d love to look into getting one of these made for me when I go on travel. how much would you charge to mod a 360 into a portable, along with the addition material cost?

  44. Jeeze some ppl commenting here are dumb, if you don’t like it gtfo. It’s a fricken portable 360 what more do you want. Plain and simple this thing does what it’s needed to do. Great job Ben and keep it up mang.

  45. Awesome work. Can’t wait to see your next unit with the Jasper board in it should run alot cooler.

  46. Loving the new look!

    One thing I would have done is to cover the circuitry under the HDD with some nice black plastic. Will look much more professional that way.

  47. nice dude. sweet setup, oh and quite a few buttons. Right now I’m reading the popsci magazine in my computer room drooling over your 360 laptop.

    Tip: maybe paint it


  48. Sweet setup mate… I’d killl for one of those… I’m currently carrying my 21.5″ Full HD Monitor alongside my 360 to play it everywhere. Really interested in buying… keep me informed if you do!

    Keep up the good work!!

  49. wow just wow i got my 360 stolen some time ago and have been looking to get a new one but better and the i thought why not check on the guy that did the PS3 laptops and 360 laptops a while ago and i see this……….. come on ben why don’t you please do a favor to the gaming community and PLEASE BEN PLEASE make this commercial just think about it i mean you now how much people would buy this if it had a reasonable price (i got a PS3 not so long ago with my birthday’s gift money so about 600$ sounds reasonable for a console that’s worth 200$ without the hard drive and of course the mod) you go talk to Microsoft about the project and they make a bunch of this for tryouts and if they turn out good you run it commercial and i know it sounds crazy and even crazier from someone who isn’t over high school yet but you would not only help all of those in the gaming community you would MAKE SOOOO MUCH MONEY MAN think through it would you please cause paying thousands of dollars for a laptop thats not really a laptop is kind of off my limits XD

  50. My latest project is the Xbox 360 Portable. Figured that was a more appropriate name than laptop, because seriously, who’d put this in their lap? It weighs almost as much as my sister’s cat…..

  51. Wow that’s amazing, it would be great to own something like that but it looks like it must have taken quite some time.

    Great post!

  52. Hey Ben, my son and i were trying to fix his rrod and broke a capacitor near the C8P4 chip. do you maybe know the value of the capacitor. its on the motherboard near the x clamps

  53. Hey Ben,
    I have been looking at doing something similar with my XBOX. Well I would actually buy an ELite Version to do it with.
    I stumbled accross this setup and think it looks great.
    I do have a question though, I can’t find any details on how you mad the casing in this design.
    What is the black material? Is it Vac formed? If so what proceedures did you use?

    I was thinkingof making a mold of the bottom of a generic laptop case, maybe a VAIO or something with some kind of Rubber.. for example:
    Then reinforcing it with some aluminium sheets where the system would then rest on (after separating with some thin plastic).

    Then I would get something cut to shape to fit on top of the foam/hard rubber for the top. 🙂

    Anyway, how did you get yours, EPECAILLY interested as you have bevels.

  54. Oh my God…

    Is this actually portable? Like “charge and go” or does it need a power source?

    If it doesn’t need a power source, and you were to mass produce them, how much would you charge? I’d be extremely interested…

  55. Yo man this is the most Heaviest thing I’ve ever seen although it’s actually very lite (your sisters cat)
    One Question man
    Can you make a tutorial of it so we (I and the others) can make one ourselfs.
    this because I live in the netherlands so can’t order one unless Ipay a fortune (I’m just a kid)
    thanks and succes with your projects

  56. !!!!SEEKING TO BUY!!!!

    Im a soldier currently deployed in Iraq, I left my xbox in the states but I wish I wouldve bought it with me. I am looking to buy one of the Xbox360 Portibles.

    My email is

    PLEASE if anyone is selling one, hell even benheck himself SOMEONE PLEASE EMAIL

    (sympathy time) i mean after all, I am defending freedom and the american way over here for you fellow gamers LOL.

  57. OH MY GOSH! I just wet myself. This… This thing! I’m so impressed and quite jealous of your work. Oh how I wish I was as creative as you. ok I’ll stop and go clean up now…lawls.

  58. awsome but i would like to have a keybard since dont like the chatpad that much…but i would still buy one in heartbeat if i had the money 🙂

  59. man i cant even afford a xbox 360 let alone THAT…im still stuck with the origanal xbox 🙁

  60. will you be coming out with another version that can also use the laptops battery supply and with actual controller ports to avoid having to replace batteries in them all the time

  61. Like others I am confused as to why you didn’t use a laptop monitor, a laptop hard drive via adapter (which would have solved the thickness problem), or a keyboard. A keyboard is useful for Linux and other applications.

  62. Cool , I want to get it ,why? Well, i was planning to buy a laptop to play on (nothing else) so this is a better substitute than a laptop , but it’s not partable as it says
    and @nana diary : it’s not a rival of PSP cuz it about 10x bigger than it

  63. can you buy it ? how much is it worth? were do i buy it? does t ship ups or fed ex?

  64. I have a 360 how much will it be if i can have the blueprints for this because im tired of hauling everything in my duffel bag?

  65. hi ben i wanted to know how much would it cost if i have an xbo360 and a laptop that u could use the screen for how much would u do that for please if u can get back at me ur fan steven

  66. r u god this is da most beautiful thing i ever seen can i buy from you and how does it cost to add a keyboard

  67. Wow what an amazing feet dude can’t wait to see what you make next, much respect for your work

  68. Phenomenal work; just what I have been searching for. I currently have my XBOX 360 in a Lian Li case, but would love to have it in a portable laptop. Is there a way to configure the inside to accommodate only the SATA HDD instead of having the entire XBOX HDD casing inside the laptop? Also, is there a way you can connect the laptop to a LCD TV when not traveling? That way, I can have the best of both worlds…


  69. Just a Query, have you come across the secret of making this beast truly portable like a standard laptop(battery and power jack)

  70. Holy SHIT i wish i had creative skills like that. I can tell you striaght away what i’d do.

    I’d take an xbox, put it into something along those lines. make it able to start up on windows as well as xbox – I know, most likely impossible but always worth a try, since it is only a standard 2.5″ HDD in the box you could plug it into a proper pc and try to install two OS’s, since it is pre-partitioned you could just overwrite the xbox live dowloands and leave the OS etc on it. the xbox hardware probs wouldn’t work with it though and thats the main reason it probs wouldn’t work..

    But, getting back to the point, i’d get a fairly good monitor, the one i use for my PC is an ASUS vh22h which is 1080P, HDMI and speakers, so that’s all that sorted, then put the xbox in the middle like you have. the wi-fi in-built is a great idea, now there’s draft-n, go for the high-speed stuff!

    To put the infrared in but wthout it all going everywhere, just put it in the space it’s easiest but bend the leg’s over so it’s at an angle. look at the bottom of a laser mouse to see what i mean, then you can use the control.

    put the ethernet on the back and stuff for semi-permanent solutions, and then maybe put another HDMI socket on the back so you can place this thing in a car and have it plugged in to different screens.

    if i had plenty of money, i’d ask you to make that for me! ha! doubt i ever will have enough though.

  71. Soz for double post, lol. forgot to say this!

    Seriously, you should look at getting an investment to a production line, ask microsoft etc, that would make you a fortune. It’s not really an Xbox portable though, its just an All-in-one xbox. lol.

  72. ben heck im entirely interested in buying one of your portable xbox machines. i mean serious. im not gonna name any prices i’ll let you tell me how much you want for one

  73. dude is there at all any way any of us could buy/bid for one of your units? they simply are just marvelouse a definet “gotta have”

  74. Man I want that so bad! if I knew where you lived, i would break in and steal it! ok, probably not, but still, i wish i had the money to buy it from you!

  75. its clearly a laptop with a hdmi/computer scart hooked up to a x box
    even though its a great desighn

  76. Hey this is great do u actually sell them and if so how much for. Does it have evry function like the xbox?

  77. Oh man I love this Xbox 360 portable, can I buy one of them and if so how much? Love the style and what I especially like is how you managed to make a complete Xbox 360 with a laptop 🙂 Also how long does it take to charge? Keep up the great work man love your mods!

  78. Is there any way to build a battery into the design or even put a battery into the big square box between the power supply and the xbox?
    Also, is there any way to build it into a PC (not a laptop) with the PC running as well? Like flick a switch and change from xbox back to PC and back again?

    Cheers man, fan of your work

  79. This is a great design, but I was wondering under what circumstance would I need one of these things. Can’t use it on a train because there no where to set it down. Can’t bring it anywhere near an airport because security might think I attached a bomb to it. Can’t take it to a waiting room since I would have to put it on my lap, and like you said it weighs a ton. The only pace I think you would be able to use it is in your own house or at a friends which hurts the entire point of why you built the 360 portable in the first place. Also does it have a plug in for headphones?

  80. dude you are a genuis becuse i would have never thought of that i think you send your idea to microsoft
    so they can make more and the whole world will know about your idea and your invenchon will become

    sinserly,your biggest fan tyler

  81. can you give your email address i would love to talk more about the laptop. I am a computer geek so plz contact me.

  82. Hi M Heckendorn, i was wondering if it would be possible to buy order or pay you to make my xbox 360 portable like in these pictures please get back to me if its possible and the price you would charge me.

    Thank you.


  83. thats not real thats ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! true fake!

  84. “You can never have enough beef stew, Chex Mix, Diet Pepsi or LCD monitors” So true! lol
    Seriously I had thought about this idea before but how you did it is really impressive, nice job man. I bet it felt good getting it all together

  85. This is as real as President Obama, LOL =D i wish he was selling this it would make so much money and you can see NO Photoshop Editing Lines or anything like that. i am dead set on this being true… theres just so many haterz

  86. Awesome! I bet this may sell better than PSVita :P.Though it’s hard to use in a park or something, but just imagine playing Red Dead Redemption out of your house 😀

  87. Hi there do u make these for people or do u just do 1 offs of themes I am really interested in that an would love 1 I u don’t make them were would I get the caseing to do it I have put my email in would u please email me thanks

  88. thats amazing love the bevel edges but its not really portable is it??? you still have to have it plugged into a power supply 🙁 im working on making a portable power pack atm as i have made the Xbox 360 laptop 🙂 have to say yours look soooo much better but could realy do with your help on making a portable power pack 🙂

  89. Ok i have a couple suggestions for future Xbox laptop projects would you be able to build in a way so you can plug it in and play it on a television screen. Also could you add in USB ports

  90. Seriously, you should look at getting an investment to a production line, ask microsoft etc, that would make you a fortune. It’s not really an Xbox portable though, its just an All-in-one xbox.

  91. I think what Microsoft could look into is a portable media player. I think that the coolest ones are Samsung galaxy 5″, and the ASUS transformer. With a PMP you’ll have your MP3, MP4 and what ever floats your boat. And all they would need to do is make a 360 controller with a dock in it. They could add battery life, graphics, storage, and sound all with the controller as a docking station.Then when your not using the “gaming” you’ll have a low power music/movie player. It would be a XBOX 360 replacement that’s small enough to keep next to their next gen system. With Nvidia pumping out Tegra chips there must be away to make it happen around the time they plan to start selling the next gen system. I would buy that! I’m a PC gamer so I miss out on the games that are only on Xbox 360. LOL Plus I need a new MP3 player with in the next year or two. Companies that make that much money can make ideas like mien come true. There’s one to hopes of something new!!!!

  92. could you put some of these xbox laptop on the market for les that 1000$ instead of every bodys elses

  93. So, I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade or anything, I actually LOVE your idea, but couldn’t you get in trouble from Microsoft for copy write or something? But aside from that, are you selling them? If so, how much are you charging for them? And are they customizable? BTW, you did an awesome job, thanks!

  94. My boyfriend really wants to do this, could you possibly send me more detailed instructions for him? Or send me some contact info so he can e-mail you himself? Thanks!

  95. plz tell me the prices of xbox 360 portable and xbox ellite laptop plz send me the message on my email i would be very thankful

  96. would it not have been more easy just to get a small flat screen tv and use that instead of a computer screen ?

  97. That is amazing. I was wondering, would you be willing to do it on my xbox. If so, how much would it cost?

  98. I would take this off you hands for 250 because it is one of the older designs I figure it be less than your newer designs

  99. Ben, YOU ARE A GOD! I want tht so I can play all my games whenever where ever! I would pay GOOD money to buy that. Might I suggest…..exspensive but later the price is reduced to like $1,000 or $900.95? Whatever you do I WILL buy it! 😀 the entire microsoft company would make a profit out of this one portable thing! I’m supporting you with this ALL THE WAY!

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