Now – a Podcast!

I woke up this morning and thought “I should do a podcast!” I’ve been on several podcasts before but never really thought about doing my own until now. Seemed like a good idea. So I called up Jason Jones, a friend of mine with whom I’ve had countless discussions about videogames and said “Let’s do a podcast… What time is good for you? 4 PM? OK, I can figure out how to record one by then.”

He came over with his SOCOM Navy Seals USB headset and we just went for it. Topics include:

    1) Next generation gaming graphics (why are they so shiny?)

    2) HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray vs What if they both flop?

    3) and The Nintendo Wii (the dissenting view not often seen online)

It runs about 1 hour (slightly more than the 30 minutes I had hoped) but should be a pretty interesting listen for anyone who keeps up with games and technology. We go mostly from a layman’s perspective, that is, what will the mass market think of Blu-Ray, the Wii, etc. Some profanity, but nothing worse than say a PG-13 movie (no F bombs)

Hope it’s not too boring! Please feel free to email me with any feedback or suggestions for future topics. If people enjoy this we’d probably do bi-weekly shows. I found it to be a fun time. Future shows would be a bit more polished with a snazzy intro and stuff like that.

Article Links:

Server 1 Download (mirror)

Server 2 Download (local copy)

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