Yet More Podcasts…

Jones was, well, “Jones’n” to do another podcast, so last Friday we not only recorded a new episode of the podcast, but did a whole new one for Jones’ “Fistful of Reviews” movie site. This new podcast stars Jason Jones and Dale Nauertz and they discuss movie stuff. Well, mostly rip on things in movies they’re sick of (movies about characters “beginning”, superhero films) but it’s still pretty funny, especially the part where Dale asks “Why can’t we get a “Rocky Ends” movie???

Each is around an hour in length and yes, in MP3 format this time. Also look for the “Echoes of the Past” documentary trailer, hopefully later this week.

Article Links: Podcast: Episode 2 (mirror) Podcast: Episode 2 (local copy)

A Fistful of Reviews Inaugural Podcast #1

…and yet another Sonic Boom podcast, of which I am now an official co-host.

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