Official unveiling of my Atari 800 laptop tomorrow (11-16-05)

Unfortunately the cat was let out of the bag on my forums as to what my latest creation is, along with a photo. Yes it’s an Atari 800 laptop. It’s been on Engadget and now Digg. The single photo I quickly took Sunday night isn’t even all that great. Thankfully it hasn’t been on Slashdot yet, I’d know as that usually tears my bandwidth a new one.

I was, and still am, planning to have my official unveiling on Wednesday, that is tomorrow. I’ve been quite busy in the last few days, but I knew I would be thus why I didn’t expect the full story to go up til tomorrow.

If you get the chance to stop back here, on Wednesday you can see not only many more, and better photos of the unit, but if you’re got a lunch hour to spare you can read the story on how (and better yet WHY) I built this thing.

If you’re a webmaster of some type of gaming / tech site who is checking out this Atari project for a story on your site I’d appreciate it if you didn’t link to me until tomorrow (11-16-05) so those who come can all have the photos and things available to them, instead of just 1 photo and some text buried in my forum. Thanks…

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