Game consoles that could have used an “XBox 360” style name

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an article on anything. About time, I’d say. So I thought, you know, the “XBox 360” is quite the… interesting choice for a console name. And what about that weird pricing strategy? Bizarre!

At this point normally a person would write about that, but I like to do things differently. Think different, if you will. So I came up with a list of past consoles that have failed (or done poorly) and how they could have benefited from an XBox 360 style name and strategy. It’s quite compelling and I’m sure upon seeing it marketing executives will promptly build time machines to go back into the past and cash in on my brilliant ideas.

So if you’ve got a lunch hour to waste why not click here to have a look at it?

Besides this nonsense I am also building the new super portable, which I hope to have done within a week. That’s an actual meaty update, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Game consoles that could have used an “XBox 360” style name”

  1. Excuse me for off-topic but with which graphic program did you design the header? It looks awesome … *wanna have 2*

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