Projects I Would Do in a Heartbeat (Time permitting)

Some of you may have seen my last post and thought it meant I was sick of building everything. Not true, I’m just sick of being asked for the same 3 things over and over. As far as not doing any more movies, I should clarify – not making any more with my own money. I’m glad many of you enjoyed Port Washington but I’d really enjoy having the money it cost back in my pocket.

As a counterpoint, here’s a list of project ideas I would enjoy trying:

  • Custom pinball machine – I’ve been planning one for 2 years but have never had the time or money, at the same time. Problem is I’d want to keep it. If you listen to our podcasts you’ve probably heard about this project.
  • Domestic automatic can crusher – Would be the coolest thing ever.
  • Alternative fuel car of the future – I’ve always wanted to build a car, I think that would be quite the challenge. It would have to be sporty and have a cool stereo however. (No Sparkomatics) The Tesla thing is cool but it’s not really a “people’s car”.
  • Hub-based main house PC / Xbox 360 / PS3 / furnace – Hey, those things put out a lot of heat!
  • Mass-produced single-handed game controllers – As mentioned before.
  • A robot.
  • Lead singer in a country music band – Much more interesting than an N64 portable.
  • Apple ][ portable – It’s shocking that I’ve only been asked about this maybe once in 7 years.
  • Design consultation work -If your company is working on a product, especially game related, and would like my input, please contact me to discuss.

So there you go – the kinds of projects I am interested in these days. Now I must get back to this new laptop…

Pricing for Xbox 360, PS2 and N64 portables!

Amazingly enough, even though I have repeatedly said I am not making any more Xbox 360, PS2 or N64 portables, people keep asking for them! It kind of reminds me of all the times I’ve emailed and ordered a cheeseburger – it never comes but I keep asking.

That said, here is the official price list for these always-popular requests, in US dollars:

Xbox 360 Laptop – $10,000

PS2 Portable – $5000

N64 Portable – $5000

Dreamcast Portable – $8000

Create and send you plans to build [insert project here] – $3000

These are the absolute minimum prices I will accept for these projects. If it’s too much (which is the point) then by all means build it yourself, read my Engadget how-tos, or buy my book. Not trying to be rude (but fully aware I sound that way) I just want to drive the point home. Perhaps someone on our forums might build one for you? They have the skills.

I enjoy making prototype projects but sometimes they just become so difficult I don’t want to duplicate them or it’s not worth my time. Which is exactly the same reason there won’t be a Port Washington 2 or probably any more films at all.

Doesn’t anyone care about the old Atari 2600 anymore?

Another interview for you all

Recently I did an interview for a magazine, and there’s a full version of it here.

Sometimes people have noted that I don’t have links to every interview I do. Is this something people would like to see? Honestly I only post about half of them, I figure they have their own channels for distribution. Discuss!

What I’d really like to do is get some interviews for my podcast… Anyone famous out there read my site and want to come on over Skype for 2o minutes or so? I promise to ask interesting questions since I am fully aware of what it feels like to be asked the same 8 things over and over again. Email me!

In other news, I’ll have a new How-To on Engadget this week and, if all goes well, there should be a new portable before the end of February (the most stylish one yet, I promise) Podcast Episode 13

Here it is, an amazing 1 day early even. In this episode we discuss the best and worst games based off movies (and licenses) of all time, our experiences with online gaming and finally, movie sequels that come out far too late, such as Die Hard and Indiana Jones 4.

Goes a bit over an hour but you should be able to hack it, we even threw together another fun intro and everything. Enjoy! Official Site

I shall save the bandwidth of mail servers the world over…

…by announcing that I plan to build no more XBox 360 laptops. I have been working on a second one and I’ll show it on the site when it’s finished, but with the time required and considering other projects in the works the 360 laptop is just not something I’m interested in these days. To be honest I’m getting… hm… weary of laptops in general and when I finished the new ones I have coming it’ll be time to move onto something else.

Making multiple copies of something is better suited to something simple (and cheaper) like an Atari VCS, or perhaps a NES-on-a-chip based unit.

On this same token I also do not have, nor plan to do/make any of the following:

  • N64 portables or plans. That system breaks if you look at it wrong, very hacker-unfriendly. Just buy a DS.
  • PS2 portables or plans. Much like the Xbox 360, too difficult to make worth repeating.

Remember there’s plenty of instructions and plans in my book and I sell kits for them as well. This is doable since it’s all been standardized, if I had to create custom kits for every person who emailed they price would be substantially more.

If you’d like me to take a stab at a project you’ve suggested the rule of thumb is to think of something really far out there that might peak my interest. Slogging out more PS2 / 360 portables… not interesting.

Projects and article lists

OK over on the right under “Quick Links” you can now click on “Browse all projects” and “See all articles” to bring up a list of, well, guess. Bingo.

I’d like to do it this way because otherwise the sidebar will be filled with even more clutter. Perhaps I’ll get some drop-link action going in the main header, but this will do for now.