Want to buy Rev 5.1 circuit boards?

Since I kind of doubt I’ll sell enough VCSp Rev 5.1’s to use up all the circuit boards I’ve ordered (kind of screwed myself on that by announcing the Gameport 😉 I’m willing to sell them to anyone who’s interested. They would be sold as a set of (2), as shown below. Atari board not included.

This is the acorn that will grow a mighty oak
A 4″ x 4″ hacked 2600, with the custom circuit boards on each side.

They are very easy to use and are well-labeled. All indicators match those in my book and most common Atari 2600 pinouts.

I’m thinking about $30 for boards only, $75 for stuffed boards (parts soldered on + my labor, shipping inside US included). Stuffed boards will also include battery holders (2 AA cells behind each board). Parts lists will be available for for the blank boards. Email me or discuss below.

4 thoughts on “Want to buy Rev 5.1 circuit boards?”

  1. ehh, you’re not screwed, People still want to have the satisfaction of telling their friends “yeah, you see that big bulky black box with buttons, a TV screen and an atari game sticking out of it? Yeah, I made that.”

  2. Could you please offer a 3rd option, both bare boards with loose components included,with out your soldering labor?

  3. Zydeco, it is a fact that it takes nearly as much time to package components as to solder them.

    Since he gets components in bulk this is just the cheapest way to go, it also happens to be very nice and cool too.

    @ Ben, is the gameport a hardware or a software emulator? If it is a hardware emulator, how can it support new systems? Does it have a Xilinx FP chip in it? (that would be seriously cool)

    If software, what benefits does it have over a GP2X or a PSP? (well the screen and price are lousy with a PSP, but at the rate that the PSP Optical drives are dying it might be cheaper)

    I don’t really like the idea of a non-hardware device for emulation that doesn’t have a lot of power and ability for use in an open fashion like the GP2X, it of course has some problems too, like high price and lousy design flaws, and Korean company that won’t listen to the scene, even through a board revision.

  4. im deff intrest. in the idea just getting into the custom game console world i have snes nes sega…all boards good just bad wires…and i want to learn how to do this so im interested in the board for sale..

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