Playstation Portable

(Note- The PSp is a personal project of mine, it is not intended to be a mass-produced product and is not for sale. Thanks -Ben)

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<p align=Since it’s this site’s birthday, I thought we’d have a SURPRISE! Here it is, my latest gizmo, the Playstation Portable, or (you guessed it) ‘PSp’ for short.

Hopefully this doesn’t seem like ‘treachery’ to all my Atari-loving fans out there, but SOMEONE had to make a portable CD-ROM based game system! The PSOne, despite its ability to run off wall adapters and hook up to mini screens, just wasn’t portable enough so I had to take things into my own hands. For the whole story on how (and more importantly WHY) I did this, please click here.

Visit my Download page for video of the PSp in action and desktop wallpaper.

This unit is not for sale and I have no plans to mass produce them. Being a modern system and not ancient like an Atari, it’s a safe bet Sony would come after me for it. However, maybe they’ll take the hint and make this themselves (and have me design the case?) A portable Playstation would be aimed towards a different market than the Gameboy Advance and is certainly a more powerful system. And with a different, more adult market the reduced battery time wouldn’t be as big an issue… We can always hope.

Oh, for those who have asked and will ask, I am bidding on a Gameboy Advance-Opening Screwdriver on eBay. When I get it, I shall open my Advance and find a way to rid the world of non-backlit Gameboys!

As for the mass production of VCSp units, it is still pending and I am working on it. This Playstation thing was just a fun ‘break’ for me…

Also, I have donated a VCSp Rev 5 to Atari Age for the Classic Gaming Relief Auction to benefit the United Way September 11th Fund. Not only is this a great cause, but you could get a VCSp without having to wait! Please visit their site for details.

I wonder if I will win the award for “Most Hyperlinks In A Single Sentence” for that…

Playstation and all related indicia are the trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment. This project was done for educational purposes, experimentation and fun, there is no intention to mass produce this ‘portable Playstation’.

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