Site Facelift & New Wallpaper!

Dashing, Debonair Desperado of Danger!

I was never completely happy with my old site design so I re-did it. The site now has a cleaner look and the navigation has changed. It now uses frames that load sub-menus for most selections, thereby not disturbing the contents of the main window until you are ready. Upon final selection of something, the content is displayed in this window. Some categories have been lumped into each other, such as “How To” and “Research & D” being under “Info”. Hopefully this is simpler for everyone, let me know what you think.

New wallpaper! A phantom blimp over London? An army of mechanized motor-men? Just a few stories from the serial novel that never was but still could be, “The Portable Crusader”. Now, adorn your desktop with the prototype cover of this exciting new foray into overwrought escapism! Your co-worker, wife, husband or friend-who-stops-by-constantly-to-use-your-CD-burner will be amazed, and at the same time impressed by the daring exploits depicted on your once-mundane computer screen! To get it, visit the Download section or click the photo above!

In other news, I’m glad everyone enjoyed the PSp so much! Now, if I just had more time to play it…

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