Podcast Episode 15 – Now with Video

For episode 15 of the podcast we went with video. Just to try it out, thought it might be fun. Was mostly a pain, took up way too much hard drive space and my video camera microphone isn’t nearly as good as our USB headsets. Long story short it’s not exactly Lawrence of Arabia but you’ll get the idea. At least we had an excuse to make a video intro, which you should get a kick out of. (It has lots of blood for some reason)

Topics of this podcast are video/audio compression, a Lost Planet review and a God of War 2 segment.


We’ll be back to doing audio podcasts on the normal schedule after this. Perhaps in the future, should something lend itself to video, such as last fall’s Wii hunt, we’ll do another. But probably not for a long while. Also please do not email me asking for an audio version of this podcast, “what you see is what you get”.

Download Intro alone

16 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 15 – Now with Video”

  1. That video podcast was awesome. I would go so far to say it was better then some of the pro video game shows I have seen. I especially enjoyed in the intro how when the wii was run over alot of blood came out of it. Some tv station should give Ben and Jason their own show. Just wondering who is the guy who ask’s about the n64 portables? A relative, friend stranger?

  2. The guy with the N64’s was Dale. He helps with writing a lot of the podcast intros.

    Fun Fact: He was also the co-writer of Port Washington and appears as an extra in many of the scenes.

  3. Sorry for the double-post. I forgot to respond to the rest of your post!

    Glad you enjoyed the Wii death scene. I enjoyed driving back and forth over it numerous times. We even attracted the curiosity of a few of my neighbors which was amusing.

    I’m happy that you enjoyed the video podcast. What in particular did you find to be the most/least interesting parts? To me it seems like it would be a little boring watching a couple of guys sitting around talking, but I guess the game review sections probably helpded spice it up a bit.

    The Ben and Jones show would be a good time! LOL

  4. The into is the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks. I feel I live without humour 🙁

  5. If we had some lapel mics we could have done much better sound for our video portions. As is we literally slapped the camera down in one of the only rooms in my place that we haven’t filmed yet and went for it.

    We’d almost have room to build a mini “set” in my basement, but that’s when we’d have to spend money so it’s not really in the cards right now. I enjoy making “free” podcasts so we can rip on (and rip off) things to no end.

    I’d totally be up for doing a TV show, or even a “web” show. But we’d need moola/sponsership, video is much more time and resource consuming than just audio. My big PC is maxed out as-is.

    Plus monthly is about all we’d have time for, even in a best-case scenario.

    But, truth be told, our dialog sections were no less awkward than the first episode of Mythbusters.

  6. Nice! Make more! Make more! 😛 I showed this to my friend and he wants to buy Lost Planet now. Watch out for him! (GASP!) 😛

  7. Funny as ever. In my opinion even if you didn’t have the video game reviews it’s still pretty intresting. However they were very nice to look at and when you think about it thats all what most Gaming shows are about, They show someone playing a game and offer there review of it.

    Loved the intro, Want Dales Evil Dead shirt 😀

    Keep up the Great work!


  8. Yes, I told Dale to dress “as geeky as possible”. Thus the Evil Dead shirt and perhaps it’s not readable but Serenity hat.

  9. 174 megz!!! Are you mad?? Hope you gots enough bandwidths.

    So is this the new direction for the podcast? I can’t listen at work anymore?
    Sign me up for the “i want audio version” whiner club.
    I haven’t watched it yet, so i guess i can’t complain….

    You don’t need to build a set, just set up a green screen.
    Then you can put, um…. a screenshot of david letterman’s set behind you or something. =]
    Or let your fans remix it, stephen colbert light saber style.

  10. Hey KingConga it was a one off. [But I’d like to see another!]
    Loved the intro! Call in the A-team [or in this case the x360 team] 🙂

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