Yes I know this new isn’t fully functional yet, but I’m working on it slowly. I switched servers on the host and thus started with a “clean slate”. Sort of nice, but I’m having to rebuild a lot.

Next up for re-functionality are the movie downloads. I’m creating iPod video-sized versions of Adventure, The Adventurous, Lizard of Death and Port Washington. These will slowly start to come online in the next week, in honor of Wednesday the 14th of March being the 1 year anniversary of me finishing Port Washington. It may seem trivial but believe me, it was a red letter day in my life.

Speaking of that, what if we made another movie? There’s a good question… We have one in mind (no, not Port Washington 2) that we believe would be quite entertaining. I’m wondering, if we got some funding, would anyone in or near southern Wisconsin be willing to help? We’d need actors, model builders, CGI artists, rotoscopers, puppeteers, creature fabricators and a 1979 Trans-Am with Bondo spots. Sound interesting? Effects and interiors would be done next winter, main shooting in 2008. Shoot me an email if you’re in the area.

We’re also planning a full video podcast for Episode 15. Thus it’ll probably come out next weekend instead of next Wednesday, but hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

29 thoughts on “Video-a-rama”

  1. Yes thank you for finely fixing the movie downloads are the movies going to be free to download?
    hey there are a lot of freeware cgi animaters that you can download .

  2. Lol if those requirements for what you need don’t get people interested then I don’t know what will.

  3. please make an audio version of the podcast as well as i do not have an ipod video or anything

  4. Hey remember when ben said this:Speaking of that, I’ve left loads of clues as to my next portable, both here and on my Engadget articles. Do some sleuthing! 😉 in forums in one of his posts. Well ben has been wanting to make a GBA SP like portable with a joystix. So maybe it a 2600 so something on the lines of that. But I bet nothing that the next portable will be a 2600 because he said in the post: Pricing for Xbox 360, PS2 and N64 portables! he said:
    Doesn’t anyone care about the old Atari 2600 anymore?.
    And the post: New Atari 2600 concept leads me to beleave he’s going to make 2600 PORTABLE!!!!!!!

    Thank you for reading this – Nightwheel

  5. Nightwheel, you are very cunning. 😀

    You should become a dedective. I think he isworking on a ps3 portable and an atari VCSp actually. I cannot tell you why though…

  6. Thanks Rellizate, hey you might be very cunning too. Because it’s kinda ironic when ben said he wanted to make this a: Hub-based main house PC / Xbox 360 / PS3 / furnace – Hey, those things put out a lot of heat!. Makes me think he’s going to make another combo console but made with 3 game systems instead of 2. And will have a Wii, PS3, and a XBOX 360 all in one system. And be a portable. It would be very cool if a 2600 would be in the system too.

    Thanks again Rellizate -Nightwheel

  7. That would be a great combo system, but I reckon you would need a wheelbarrow to carry the battery around for it. The portable would be very heavy as well. It would be a bit like the iPod Flea (has anyone seen that? If not search on youtube).

  8. Yes I know your website because I clicked your name on this forum. (note the people who do not have a website there name is in black and the people who do have website there name is in blue)

  9. Oh right, lol. I though you had been to it before. Cool. The crappy forum got hacked ages ago, and used that as an excuse to put the whole site down. I just havn’t had the time/been bothered to finish v4. You can see it here:
    The forum is all that works at the moment.

  10. None of you are even close to guessing my projects. Does the Atari 2600 even count, I mean, I mentioned it on the blog itself? (That’ll be done in about a week)

    The others are still secret, ha ha! The hints are there, especially on the Engadget Wii portable articles.

    Now, back to the video podcast work!

  11. I think its a commodore, gamecube, or dreamcast. I just read through the wii articles, and this is what I gathered.

  12. Yes, yesterday was a great anniversary. I drank some beers.

    There won’t be an audio version of the podcast because, well, it’s a VIDEO podcast. Sorry!

  13. Woohoo. Can’t wait for the vid podcast. Just make the filesize reasonable and I’ll be happy.

  14. please ben just take out the bits that absolutely require video and make an audio version as well thatll only take you like 5 minutes im sure and even if the podcast is half the length ill be happy

  15. The movie idea we have is somewhat complicated, much moreso than Port Washington, and will require a lot of practical and computer effects.

    I might settle for an 83-85 Trans-Am as they’re worth less and easier to find. All the late 70’s stuff is well kept by people wishing they were Burt Renolds.

  16. Hey Ben, I’d like to get involved, I love all your creativity. I live in Chicago and have very good friends in Kenosha. We could probably even get you free publicity for the movie– my friend is Lisa Tyler of 95.1 FM Tom & Lisa morning show, and I bet they would love a chance to be in your movie as well. And if they get a part (no matter how small) they are going to talk about it non stop on their show!!! Shoot me an email if you are interested!

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