Podcast Episode 84


We’re back with a new episode of the Ben Heck Dot Com Podcast! Topics include:

  • Movie cliches, and movies that are shockingly realistic
  • Why Jones should buy an SSD for his PC
  • The rising value of NES/SNES/Neo Geo games – see this page for more information.
  • Why Ben doesn’t want to buy a new phone.
  • Lucy, Limitless, and how Robery De Niro is starting to resemble Ron Paul.
  • The deluge of HD remakes on next-gen consoles, instead of actual new next-gen games.
  • How to sleep on airplanes
  • Destiny Beta.


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One thought on “ Podcast Episode 84”

  1. I have a podcast program (Zune) that I use to subscribe to your show to view off line. Since you are changing, how do I subscribe with out using YouTube? YouTube doesn’t give me a url that I can use in my podcast program. I’m I SOL or do you have a url that I can subscribe to.

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