Possumus Man 2 reaches halfway point in filming

Work continues to go well in the production of “Possumus Man 2: Possumus Woman”, my independent film project this summer. According to my estimates we’ve got it about half filmed as of July 12th.

Mike Adsit, playing “Jamie”, gets a spiky log trap ready. Will it be enough to stop a mutated giant possum?

If all goes well we should have everything “in the can” by the end of August, and hopefully can have a trailer done around that time as well. Stay tuned for details!

9 thoughts on “Possumus Man 2 reaches halfway point in filming”

  1. SWEET!! I loved the first Possumus Man. I can’t wait for the sequel. I hope for even more quotable lines from this one!

  2. I wish I could say the same about my summer movie project. MAYBE 10% at most. Ben Koelsh and I have been editing what I have for about the last month. We have been using Final Cut Pro on a Mac, and I have to admit, It’s a good program (for Apple). Eventually want to learn DVD studio pro. Also painting green and blue screens in my basement, should work ok. Thanks for the update Ben!

  3. Oh you bet I’m using the same accent! It’s a little harder this time because I have to make sure I don’t sound like Bear Grylls or the Geiko lizard… But I’m getting it!

    Mike also growls as much, or probably more, than he did in the first movie. But I assure you all, the possum costume is GREATLY improved!

  4. I love the accent, its awesome, makes me laugh every time. Exactly what you would expect from a Ben Heckendorn project. Keep it up! Can’t wait for Possumus Man 2

  5. I love the trailer you already put up.

    Was that a burnt refrigerator you come out of???

  6. This is kinda sad… but I really enjoy the podcast… if I express interest in, is there any chance it might pop up soon?

    You’re awesome Ben. Just keep doing what you do.

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