Possumus Man Special Edition Coming Soon


Note: New portables coming soon – really.

Update: Possumus Man Special Edition is finished!

This battle will make your blood boil!
The newly remastered DVD cover

What is Possumus Man, you might ask? Well long before I was famous for doing whatever it is I do, my hobby was independent film. (A hobby I’d like to get back into) In 1995 I had a mad urge to make a “killer creature” movie, and one about a giant killer possum was the result.

Problem was, as a cocky 19 year old, I thought I knew everything about making a movie. Possumus Man was filmed fairly sloppily, with usually only 1 take for anything, and edited “in-camera” using the amazing Sony edit-search buttons. (Yes, even back then I was a Sony fan-boy) Making matters worse we had no real editing equipment, so it was all done camera-to-VCR, pause-record, and vice-versa. There were some primitive computer effects, done using CorelPaint on a 486 upgraded to a Pentium 90, but not much. All in all it was never the way I intended (coherent) and I’ve always wanted to re-edit the darn thing, if only to finally put it to rest.

Now in this brave year 2007 I have! Work is nearly complete on “Possumus Man: Special Edition” which is now fairly watchable due to non-linear computer editing, vastly improved sound and music, and of course 12 extra years of movie-making experience. DVD copies are being made for my friends, everyone else will be able to download it from this site. After cutting the fat it’s only 30 minutes long, so it won’t waste too much of your life.

Download an iPod video version now!

27 thoughts on “Possumus Man Special Edition Coming Soon”

  1. HUZZAH!
    can’t wait… but I’m kinda curious to the old version… sounds… fun… 😛

  2. Wow! Looks neat. Can’t wait to see some of your less successful work.

    PS! Port Washington is the best movie of 2006 in my book! Can’t beat it.


    Just kidding. This edit actually makes sense as the movie was never finished. Can’t wait.

  4. A movie about a super possum! Sounds like something I’d enjoy. I can’t wait to see it!

  5. I’d have to say my favourire movie is The Adventurous, but I still can’t wait for this one to come out. PS: I finally decided to buy a headset, it’s coming within a week or two.

  6. Maybe you could sell a special edition dvd which has the original uncut version and the newly restored version like they did with the Star Wars Films last year (Love those dvds)

  7. Just two quick thoughts.

    One: You have said previously that you want to make more movies but the cost involved it to great. I propose to you that you make more N64 portables since so many people seem to want them and are willing to pay for them. The money you get from them could just go to your film fund. Yes they may be hard to make but with cheap parts (the system), high demand, and low production volumes because of said production difficulty you could probably end up with a fairly wide profit margin.

    Two: This is more proof you need to team up with Bruce Campbell as you would write the perfect movie for him.

  8. Actually portables paid for a good chunk of Port Washington.

    Speaking of Bruce Campbell, I would want him to be in my “Ultimate Dream Movie”, but not as what you’d think.

    Ultimate Benheck movie (but un-filmable in low budget) would be, basically, Dirty Dancing with Karaoke. No explosions and only 1 gun. Bruce Campbell would be a washed-up, alcoholic ex 80’s pop star who “mentors” the main character. I had this idea even before he was “old Elvis” in Bubba-Ho-Tep, which only confirmed my thoughts.



    ;D. Yeah you could just film Bruce fumbling with a conventinal oven trying to cook a Tombstone Pizza, Comedy Ensues.

    – Dj-spuddy,

  10. I can hardly wait for this one. It’s still the most fun movie I ever participated in. Uhh, that’s not to say it was any good. Toss the full version onto the disk as well, just for the “train wreck in progress” factor.

  11. Great concept for a movie, but wouldn’t it be better just to re-film the damn thing? I mean, from what I understand I’m imagining no boom mic used, shaky camera, sh!tty VHS quality, etc. I’m just saying, a remake wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world….at least it’d be better than the 2011 Godzilla remake….& Eragon….

  12. I can understand why you wanted to restore the movie and get it over with, finished and all because it still seemed like a lot of work.

    Two things:
    1)Great Australian accent, Ben
    2)Good choice of music
    3)That was the corniest Terminator cameo I’ve ever seen.

    After seeing Port Washington a few days ago, I’m really anxious to see you make more movies; and what’s really stopping you? You have enough modding minions to take time off that hobby 😀

    Just one tip of advice, every woman you put in your movies sucks at acting 😀 You’ve been great, but with the girls, I just don’t buy it.

  13. Make an PS3 Laptop with Linux running on it!!!
    Or an Gamecube-Portable!
    Or an XBOX 360 Elite without the ring of death that makes me breakfast, lunch, homeworks, buys an magazine of my choise, feeds my cat, goes shopping, has an Harddrive with one Terrabyte and rides my bike for me.
    Or an unportable Nintendo DS.

  14. wuz up um is it possible to make like a ps3/xbox360 & mayb a wii all in one?? man that would be cool u cud like build it in to a gaming computa case. awsome!

  15. Actually I captured the original to burn to some of the discs. It went from 49 minutes to 30, and in the new version only one scene was cut completely, mostly it’s all been tightened everywhere.

    Macro, lumping in the “acting”, especially by the women, from Possumus Man with my other movies is not fair to the actresses in LOD & PW! 😉 Personally I felt LOD had the best acting (or easiest to direct) of all my movies since most of the major players all had theater experience.

    “Annette” actually had about twice as much bad dialog originally but I removed her speaking whenever possible in this new version.

  16. I was talking about PoW for the most part, Ben. Such a great movie ruined by a boring bake scene and horrible actresses.

    Owell, you still make a better movie than I could ever manage.

  17. Port Washington – Character Development + Extended Jet Ski Scene = Port Washington: The Special Edition!

    Step one: Edit film
    Step two: ?????
    Step three: Profit!

    Coming to theaters in 2026!

  18. Just gave “Possumus Man” a spin while donating blood last night. Who would have thought this film could be part of saving lives? I got my copy from the sorely underutilized Steve Waggoner, and I enjoyed it immensely! I know “Port Washington” was loosly about Steve, but we want to see more Steve. I’m not sure he would concur. Nice work once again, BJH! 2 Samuel 12:7!!!

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