One Year of Podcasts (Episode 26)

Yes we’ve cranked out a solid year of bi-weekly podcasts at this point. In this episode:

  • Things people don’t realize about their console. (It has motions controls, online and Blu-Ray?)
  • The recent wave of stupid anti-violent gaming laws, and the double standards when compared to movies.
  • Why is Gears of War becoming a movie but not Halo?


We’ll try to do something special in 2 weeks when we have the official year-anniversay episode. In other news, a new portable is very close – stay tuned! (You can download Possumus Man for fun in the meantime)

Listen to Podcast Episode 26

6 thoughts on “One Year of Podcasts (Episode 26)”

  1. “The film had a target release date of summer 2008, but production had been stopped due to financial problems in October 2006.”

  2. The Halo movie is DEAD, but yes, as Peter Jackson says, wouldn’t be surprised to see interest re-kindled after 3 comes out.

    Halo 3 will outgross all the movie “threeqels” this year, I’d bet my hat!

  3. Darn it, two podcasts in a row where a news item is shot down the next day (last being GTA4 coming this fall)

    Just saw on Dark Horizons that Len Wiseman is actually doing the “Escape from New York” remake next, with Gerald Butler (“Madness? THIS!!! IS!!! NEW YORK!!!!!”)

    Having finally seen “Escape” it wasn’t really as good as everyone made it out to be. Maybe you have to first see it when you’re 5, I dunno.

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