PS3 Controller Monitor

Finally finished the prototype of the PlayStation 3 controller monitor. It is very similar to the Xbox 360 version that was first used in the development of Modern Warfare 2 and other games. Some notes:

  • No analog stick indicators yet. (The early 360 versions didn’t have these either)
  • Runs off its own power source (2 AA batteries)

If you feel this would be of use to your game development, please send me an email. I hope to improve this model with future versions.

Inside the controller. It uses a secondary, keyboard-like screen printed conductive ink surface (under the normal button plastic) to duplicate the buttons for the monitor display.

7 thoughts on “PS3 Controller Monitor”

  1. Ben, did you know your in the credits for MW2? I watched them hoping there would be a movie at the end and then I saw your name under the “special thanks” section at the end of the credits. You, the navy seals and 2 other guys made the list.

  2. Sorry for the noob questions but why exactly would you need those? What purpose do they serve?

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