PS3 Slim concept art

Free add for Midwest Steel – you’re welcome.

Came across these while cleaning crap off my desk. When I need to come up with a new design I usually go to the bar and doodle on paper / drink beer until I come up with something.

As you can see it’s fairly close to the final design of the PS3 Slim Laptop. More drawings after the jump!

I feel sorry for anyone living in “Mattison”…  anytime they do anything on the phone they’d have to clarify that it isn’t “Madison”.

I do material thickness estimations pretty early on. In the case of the PS3 the LCD was the largest part so I wanted to be sure the case was only slightly larger than that.

Inside layout. I was pretty set on the “ying yang” fan early on. You can see from the lines and arrows that all of the details are meant to line up with each other in some fashion.

Design of how the insides of the unit would work – the “hollowness” of it, so to speak.

And according to Spellcheck, “Hollowness” is a word but “Spellcheck” isn’t.

Now that these drawings are immortalized on the internet I can throw the papers themselves in the trash.

2 thoughts on “PS3 Slim concept art”

  1. We’d have air planes two centuies ago, tanks three centuries ago, and well a telecommunications network that had to be in place for Di Vinci to do it in the first place. lol

    Nice sketches Ben, look like the ones from your old video about making a VCSp.


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