Request for Atari 2600 boards / Mike Joins The Fun

I slightly updated this section. I already got a bite on the 8 boards for a Rev 3 trade, thanks. BUT! Anyone else with an abundance of working Atari 2600 4-switch boards is welcome to email and let me know how much they’d like to get for them. If I could get enough extra boards at a reasonable cost it would lower the price of the VCSp’s in the long run. So let me know!

In other news, my friend Mike, webmaster of the “The Homepage”, has joined my Atari-building team. Production may DOUBLE now!

Now, I know in the past I’ve made fun of Mike’s site, but since he’s helping me out now I felt obliged to alter my review. Here it is:

“Surely and truly, Mike’s site, ‘The Homepage’ is, without a doubt, the most exciting and engaging collection of dead links ANYWHERE on the ‘Net. His apparent disregard for maintaining a site might be considered, by some, to be the result of negligence, or just plain laziness. But I see it as an act of BRILLIANCE, that is just not appreciated by the average viewer! Instead of simply ‘pointing’ you to useful information, Mike’s idea is that you SEARCH for it, much like how our ancient ancestors had to search for food. But did our ancient ancestors have rendered “Under Construction” pages? I think not! And this is where Mike’s site exceeds beyond all others! I give it an A+, 5 stars and an Oscar *”

So there you have it! Check out Mike’s site TODAY and discover the sheer AWESOMENESS it has to offer! Then email him and let him know how glad you are he’s helping to bring VCSp’s to the masses!

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