Single-handed Xbox 360 Controller Revision 2 – Right Hand

I have built a new model single-handed Xbox 360 controller, this time for the right hand:

Somebody needs to make a bunch of these
Xbox 360 right-handed controller. The X “Guide” button is below the d-pad, hidden by my thumb.

This time it has a Velcro strap that goes around your hand to provide built-in leverage. In a normal controller leverage comes from your fingers holding the unit from below, but in this case we need every finger possible to work the buttons. As before the right analog stick is moved by tilting the unit against your leg.

All the action buttons can be reached with your 4 main digits.

For some more photos please visit this page. Unfortunately I have not been able to meet all, or effectively ANY of the requests I get for these things. Emails come in every day about it, and yet this is only the second one I’ve managed to build since December. It’s just too time-consuming, here’s the wiring just on the Xbox controller circuit board alone:

This part (which has its own little box) sits in your lap and is connected to the main controller by ribbon cable. It is the wireless version and has a battery pack.

The problem is, to do these in “prototype form” it costs a person much more than they should have to pay for a controller, and even then with the labor required I go in the hole over it.

Point being, somebody needs to manufacture these, even if Microsoft won’t. MadCatz? Interact? Somebody. Every day emails come in requesting this sort of thing, and it makes me feel sad and a little guilty that I came up with the idea but lack the capacity to help these people. Often times it’s a father with a disability, wishing he could play the games with his son… Or a friend trying to help another friend who was in a car accident. Cerebral palsy comes up a lot too… People just wanting to gain back a part of life most of us take for granted.

On the surface games may not seem as important as things like mobility or kidney dialysis, but in fact it is vital that people are enabled to do the things they enjoy, for without that, what is the point of living? It is not enough to live if you are not given the chance to thrive.

We can continue on our usual path of just throwing money at problems and charities and “calling it a day”, or we can start coming up with some good solid ideas and really make a difference in people’s lives.

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  1. Looks like the comment system is A-OK. (This comment was made when this WordPress mod was a beta)

    Great job on the new controller, Ben! Ever think about making single-hand controllers for other systems?

  2. i couldnt agree more, something like this needs to be made by a mainstream manufacture. if i were you ben i would look in to patenting this idea if something to this effect hasnt been patented before. this being build would not only give handicapped people opportunity to play games but might get you a second source of income!

  3. Ben,

    This is amazing. Every version just gets better.

    Please get in touch with me when you get a chance.

  4. I’ve been looking for a really good way of playing games for years (I’ve got a PS2 & little movement in my left arm so I play one handed) this kind of thing looks ideal, I wonder it there’s enough call for a production version?? I for one would be first in the que!

  5. I too have been looking for a controller for the PS3. But I can only use my left hand. have you ever thought about making one for this system? Like the last comment I would be willing to purchase it.

  6. Nice woork Ben! I was wondering, IF it would be possible to get a small net work of people togeather to help streamline the process in making these things? Its just an idea, but have a small group of people do the differnt stages in the work. Like have one person solder just the mainboard to all the wires and the IDE connector. Since i dont know the full steps that it takes to make them I dotn know how fessible it ould be to do, but it could work. Also, to lighten the load, do small runs at anyone time. Say 10 controlers in one run, seend all 10 mainboards to the person assined to solder the IDE wires. I will leave you be now, but just an idea.

    PS. Do get the designs patented.


  7. Ben, I am in awe of your skills. I have a couple of friends that could use these 1 handed controllers. I have 2 hands and I want one. I agree with Cameron Leggett’s thoughts. Im pretty good with a soldering iron. If I had explicit instructions on where to solder what. I could do it, But where do you get the enclosures for these things? If you make then what tools and equipment are required? Have you submitted your designs to mad catz or MS or some other place yet? Are you seeking to make money off of your designs or is this just for your entertainment and the good of all mankind? Tell me how much you want for one and It shall be done. Im sure many others here would pay big too! Keep up the good work man! simply awesome.

  8. Ben, don’t get me wrong, it is impressive what you have been doing with these controllers. However, if you really want to help everyone out, who really need these sort of devices, then can’t you put together a “How-To”? Many people will easily spend the time to create a controller for their loved ones or friends, no matter what the effort may be. Its just that without the detailed instructions, most will have no idea on how to begin. I bet that if you posted the instructions on this site, you would find many people willing to do this work. I also bet that some people wouldn’t mind doing it for others as well, whether they charge for it or not.

  9. Ben, you should make an appointment with madcatz. They’re an especially good make for controller periphipherals. I would love to see this on the market over here in the UK! Seriously, I think it would prove very popular for multitasking people aswell as the ones with disabilities. I’d buy it!

  10. how do you make this? is there instructions with what you need to make it or are you just using it just to show people. it looks very cool

  11. Ben
    I’m a 45 year PS2 addict from London, who lost the use of my left arm two years ago following a motorcycle accident. I have had two, one-handed controllers since then, both properly designed and built to ‘mass production’ standards one from Hong Kong and one from Basildon, or thereabouts. Both have been suitable for left or right handed use and both enabled me to continue a passion that started with the first electronic table tennis game and has reached spreading mayhem in San Andreas and playing against my 13 year old, as Germany, agaist her England, in a rerun of the 1966 world cup final.
    History was rewritten that afternoon!
    I have just paid my £50 deposit for a £425 PS3 which I have no idea how I’m going to play.
    Neither of my previous sources have ventured into PS3 as yet, they may be waiting to see if it sells like the PS1 and 2 did, but as yet no PS3 singlehanded controller exists.
    I think there is a market for it though it is unlikely to be huge. What I don’t understand is, if another company could find it profitable to plastic inject moulds into the shape of my PS2 controller in opaque grey plastic that makes the inside workings visible, then fit said manufactured insides, wire it all together, package it, market it and then retail it at $24.95 for the first one and £33 for the latter, why didn’t (doesn’t) Sony. Disability may not be something Japanese society wishes to acknowledge but profit is profit and with their resources they could make these controllers for peanuts and sell them for pretty much whatever they liked. I don’t earn a great deal, but if it was the only way I could play my PS3 when it arrives £100 would be cheap. When I was first looking for my PS2 one hander I would have gladly paid £500 if that is what it would have cost, just to be able to do something with my spare time other than one fingered typing or watching TV.
    So if you decide to try a one handed PS3 controller and think you’d like to try to market it, I’d be happy to buy one.

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  13. Say man i was checking up on what youve been up to since the 360 Laptop and i saw this controller,
    im in class right now and im studying design using Autodesk Inventer 10 and i just came up with my own controller its kinda weird looking but

    Just had to stop and give you props for this.
    Thats greatness, i wish i had thought of it.

    I agree with all of these people you should go into business doing this, im getting a job with a design firm for this.

    well see you on the flip side.

  14. i’m a amputee at walter reed army medical center i lost my left arm in a explotion on oct 2006. that control is great. how can i get and how much

  15. Thank you so much for highlighting the fact that people with disabilities NEED these things. I lost the use of my left hand to a stroke when I was only 26 and with it, my ability to game. It was only with the one-handed ps2 controller that I was able to finally start gaming again. If Microsoft would manufacture something like this, I could play the xbox 360 (which I have been dying to do). Either that or an adapter that would allow me to use my one-handed ps2 controller on the xbox 360. Thanks for your work!!!!

  16. Ben Heck certainly is coming to Hell for his brilliant work.

    All the demons love you !

  17. hello i lost the use of my left arm in oct. 2006 i have been looking for flight sticks than will work on ps2 an or 3 because i figured it would be easy for me to use. the ones that work only dwork for the games that allow it which sucks. i love playing socom but cant any more. but you have given a little light in this erea. i hope you get this but do you think you can modify a flight stick to work on these systems or can you make a right hand stick for ps2 and or 3 i can send you the products and what ever else you may need.

  18. I have a client that is 25 and had a stroke, where he was in hospital for 2 & 1/2 years. I am interested in one of these for him. He has not long got out of hospital and depression, lonliness and general boredom has kicked in. I would be after an xbox controller – anything you need money or otherwise I am happy to donate in order to get him one. Please contact me.

  19. WOW! My husband just lost his right hand in an auto accident. He is a die hard gamer, and I would LOVE access to a left handed one hand controller!! PLEASE contact me! Thank you.

  20. Hello, My name is Keith Hayden and I have only my left arm,I’ve been searching for a way to play my favorite games for a while now, and i think i’ve found it! I need a left hand version and i’m willing pay top dollar for your time. Please respond through my email or AIM LaManna3286 PLEASE CONTACT ME! THANK YOU!

  21. hello,
    2 years ago, i was involved in a severe motorcycle accident, causing me to completely loose my left arm.
    before the accident, gaming was my life! I have always loved playing computer games.
    I live on my own and have no family, A carer comes once every now and then but in the mean time, i am un occupied. I often feel very suicidal as i am in constant pain and am severly disabled. I only have the use of my right arm. It has so far taken me 7 mins to write this much. Having one of your amazing controllers would really turn my life around, i know it may sound silly but it will give back to me the will to live as it will bring joy and also take my mind away from the constant agony that i am in.
    I will by all means be willing to pay whatever you ask for and to contribute a series of donations towards your outstanding creations. Please get in touch with me, many thanks, Anthony C

  22. suffered brain injury back in 1996 due from gunshot wound and lost the use of left hand. fortuneatly i was always righthanded! I am now 28 years old and addicted to xbox360live. i love getting online playing lost planet, call of duty 4 & halo. I am not the best in gamer world but, i hold my own! ive always wondered was there anything out there like this for other one handed gamers or if there were any other one handed gamers…lol! i googled it and both my questions were answered. now, just wondering how in the hell i can get my righthand on one.
    oh yeah, were not handicaped were just underpriviledged…lol
    God will not put anything on your plate that you can’t handle.

  23. send all of these comments to microsoft. perhaps if they see that there is a need for this kind of thing maybe they will market it. i also would find a one right handed controler useful for i to had a stroke and i have difficulty playing video games with my friends and i am forced to watch instead of play.

  24. Really like your projects, and they are giving me several ideas that I think might be realized at some point. (Just a matter of having more hours in a day…). Thanks for all the effort you do for those that cannot access gaming platforms!

  25. My best friend was in a auto accident recently and he’s OK but now his left hand is bunk. He still wants to play PS3 with the rest of us but we can’t find any one-handed controllers or anything of the sort for him to use. He can use everything on his left arm up to his wrist but nothing on his left hand, so a Dual Shock isn’t going to work out at all. His right hand is for the most part is cool no real restricted movement.

    So I saw on your site that you have made 360 versions of these, could their be a PS3 version ((right handed? Please? Maybe?)). It is very noble of you to dedicate your time and talents to helping people out like this and I understand that their is only one “you” to make these things so I am not trying to guilt you into designing anything or anything like that (he cries every time he sees a dual shock)*. Basically I know that you must be busy being the only guy I could find on the net that makes any sort of one-handed controller.

    So, sob story aside, what I am asking is if their is a way to rig a PS3 controller for one handed use? Are their any controllers made just for people in this situation? Is their any hope for this guy to play a video game that’s not on the Wii? Or even if you could make/design something that would help (like a flight stick with a analog stick attachment)?. I know there are a lot of guys his age and in his situation that kind of had to give it all up and just settle for point and click games or just bland TV and no games at all. So really any help at all would be awesome.

  26. Ben,
    I recently lost my arm in an auto accident, but still enjoy gaming. I play with my foot and hand, but would love to be able to get one of these. I know these are not for sell, but if you ever do, please write back. Thanks for all your help, it truly motivates people who have disabilities, to know these products might actually be marketed soon; or hope there of!

  27. Just want to give some more support. I lost the use of my right arm about 6 months ago, had a bad motorcycle accident. This whole 1 handed controller thing is brilliant. Hopefully we’ll see these being produced in the future.

  28. My brother recently had an anuerism and lost the left side functionality of his arm . When will someone manufacture this great mans work? Keep up the great work my man more power to ya.

  29. Awesome item dude, i game like crazy on my 360 and and would certainly like to have one of those to present to my little brother on his birthday as he lost his left arm at a very young age. Awesome !

  30. That looks pretty cool, but you should try to make it less dependant on the strap. After all, someone that only had one hand would have a hard time getting it strapped to their wrist. And it looks like it would be hard to hold that without one.

  31. i would pay well for one of these controllers my brother lost his arm in a car accident name your price

  32. have you considered making a “no hand” version for people without the use of their arms. im not sure how much it would take but you could mod a ddr dance pad to work the buttons. or perhaps you could use the pad to free up some space and wiring on the one handed versions of the controler. seems like it would make less strain on the hand.

  33. Great job once again Ben! I’m interested in one of these controller but for the PS3. My friend is not interested in the access controller since he has a hard spreading his fingers and a controller like this would be more suited to his needs. I have e-mailed you and would like to know if you are willing to make one for him. Name your price.

  34. Yor article really made me think. I have written myself to Xbox and Playstation to think about how many people would like to play these games and all that’s is stopping them is they only have the use of one hand. My friend always told me he didn’t like video games. He has only the use of one hand. When I point blank asked him if this was why he admitted that he had tried in the past to play with a common controller and failed. It would be so simple for one of these corporations to back this idea up and it say a lot about them why they don’t care to.

  35. Hallo Ben,

    I’m from Germany. Since my birth i can’t use my left Hand. So I can’t play xbox 360 or other consoles with my friends. I’ve been looking so long for a way to play with my friends! So I think You made a graed Job with this One-Hand-Contoller!! I think, it’s a graet idear! And i’m shure if you make and sell enough of One-Hand-Contollers, it will make you rich! I hope that you can help me. Would you like to sell one of an One-Hand-Contoller to me plese?

    Please mail back

    With friendly greetings


  36. Ben,

    My wife is missing her left hand and would love to join me in my video game adventures. I will pay whatever the price is please contact me at if you can make one of these for me.

    Or if you can sell detailed schematics I can create one myself – thanks,

    And amazing work.


  37. i was born with cerbal palsey so im disabled .i always watched my friends play but never could play with them due to fact i have no use of my right hand.i be willing to buy 1 of these remotes for sony xbox.if you could make a left handed version of your right handed model.thanks again your friend jeff a guy in need of 1 handed gaming the way im proud you helped a friend in need

  38. A Waste of your time. When the battery is actually dead, I use a couple small side cutters to be able to open the old power supply case and use battery terminals to create connections on various electric battery operated items. It’s less expensive than buying them in Radio Shack. Sharolyn Kolden

  39. how can i get a xbox 360 controler like this??? my dad wants to play COD with us but only has one good hand.!! PLEASEEE HELP ME!!!!!!!! please respond

  40. Hi my name is tyler, i currently lost my hand on an on the job accident im 26 years old an been tryin to get back to my old life, i use to love playing xbox, i would love so much to be able to play agin, you have done a great thing by creating a way for people like me to be able to enjoy the simple things again, an for that i thank you, if you would be able to make one for me id pay any price, thank you

  41. Hi im wondering if you were selling these if thats possible . My brother was in a tragic accident and his left side is still immobile so we are trying to get him a right handed xbox 360 controller for christmas because hes in a rehabilation center and it would make him feel right at home playing xbox again. Please email me at

  42. Hello Ben would love to order this controller as i am disabled as sept 2011 have use of right hand and foot only please contact me with the info so I can order 1 asap it would be greatly appreciated…

  43. My son was hit by a car and suffered a TBI . His left side is not working well. Love to have one of these right hand x box controllers ! Any way to buy one?? The idea of being able to play again sure would brighten things up a lot!

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