15 thoughts on “Something you never have to ask me for again!”

  1. Too bad the PS3 version is laid out like an XBox controller, and uses a stupid proprietary RF+USB receiver instead of the console’s built in Bluetooth.

  2. I was actually thinking of getting it because the ps3 version was laid out like a xbox360 controller… but the usb adaptor throws me off 🙁

  3. fluffy, that’s the whole point of the PS360 controller. To have the layout and feel of a 360 controller on a PS3. The last bit, though, yeah. That does suck.

  4. Third party PS3 controllers are not allowed to use the built-in bluetooth and are required to have a dongle of some kind. Read it somewhere as I recall.

  5. i was wondering if you could make an xbox 360 and wii and make it portable im not challenging you but im just wondering if it was possible

  6. Not true, several companies have released bluetooth controllers for the PS3, the ones I remember for sure are PowerA and daetel…

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