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Personally I think Ron Howard should never get any awards EVER for making
This could be you! (and us)

As some of you may have noticed we’ve fallen behind in our podcast schedule. Not to worry, we just weren’t too enthused about the topics we had.

So it was suggested by Jones that we do another “Listener Mailbag” episode. If you’ve got a question about the podcast, Ben’s projects, our movies, the website, why the forums are still phpBB2, whatever place them below in the comments section. We’ll pick the interesting ones to answer on the podcast which will return next week on its regular time.

NOTE: As of now the question submission is done, thanks for your input and we’ll see you on the podcast!

49 thoughts on “Submit Questions for Podcast Listener Mailbag”

  1. Hey guys, Jimmy here long time listener first time commenter from Sydney Australia. Just wanted to let you know Ben, your accent in possumus man 2 was very bad. Was it deliberate?

  2. Is there anything left that you have a burning desire to mod, but have just been swamped with other projects?

    Are you nervous about eventual next-gen consoles and the pressure to do something fantastic with them?

  3. Hi! Try to go to iTunes, dude!I’m an iPod based listener.
    Jones said last time that the Fight Club movie isn’t good enough for him. I guess that is the best movie ever!
    Ben! Don’t you want to install modern computers into retro cases? I guess the mac mini is the ideal donor for those projects
    Keep going!

  4. Will Pocket Televisions become cheaper after the Digital conversion in February? If yes or no please explain why.

  5. What is a typical day in the life of Ben Heckendorn/Jason Jones (boring answers acceptable)?

    What do you think of the AVGN or That guy with the glasses?

    I loved Possimus Man 2: Possimus Woman; Any possibilities of a Possimus Man 3: Possimus Hermaphrodite?

    How is the Pinball game coming? If this one works out would you consider other actors to pay homage to? There is no arguing that Bill Paxton is certainly where you should start…

  6. So now that Jason witnessed my NDA, does he know about my project now too?

    But seriously, does anyone help you with other mods like mundane tasks? What about a video podcast?

  7. Jones – please tell stupid luser stories from work. And talk about the Star Wars Holiday Special I sent you!

  8. When you start (FINALLY) listening to your public, and loading the site with Viagra ads (again… FINALLY), will you attempt a sponsorship with them, or will you just promote their wonderful blood pressure medication out of the goodness of your heart?

  9. It’s been said before, but seriously, how is Bill Paxton Pinball coming?

    Will there ever be an original hardware Commodore 64 laptop?

    Since we all love to hear you guys rant about pizza, what is your opinion of Pizza Hut’s new “organic”/hippie pizza?

    What brand of beef stew powers your website?

  10. Maybe another video podcast that discusses a few topics and then has another video game review, like the first video podcast you did

  11. If i tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it does it make a sound?
    what was the worse project that you had ever worked on ben?

  12. Ben: what training ( collage, uni, anything ) led you to becoming what you are today? And what is your job? (apart from director and actor)

  13. What are noth of your top ten rock band (1, 2, DLC…) songs and why?
    Tried the Wii version of rock band 2 for comparisons sake?

  14. Imagine this scenario:

    You’re on a desert island about 1000 miles away from home. You can take a safe plane home, or you could take a zeppelin full of MDG beer home. But if you take the zeppelin full of beer, you will be chased by some angry Russian guys in airplanes who are trying to shoot you down. The zeppelin has a mounted 50 caliber machine gun though so you have a chance to shoot down the angry Russian people.

    Would you take the plane or the zeppelin?

  15. What are your guys’ thoughts on some of the recent Oscar-bait movies? Specifically ones you’ve mentioned in previous podcasts such as “Valkyrie”?

  16. Got any ideas for the “ experience” at MGC? I plan on attending, and was thinking about something like putting up a poster with pictures of all the portables that have been displayed on the forums.

  17. I am a recent fan. I’ve been looking through your projects and saw one issue come up several times. What has Nintendo done to make you hate them so much?

  18. What would be good advice for someone who would like to start Console Hacking/Film Making?
    What are the tools you like to use the most when Hacking?
    What is your favorite video game ever?
    What is your next projects?(Movie and hacking)
    What are your favorite cigares?
    Whats cooler, Aliens (and space) or Egypt? 🙂
    Video Podcast?
    Video How to’s?
    Behind the scenes of possumus man 2?
    Itunes podcasts?

  19. What are you favorite fast food chains?
    What are your 10 to favorite video games of all time?

  20. How pissed are you that circuit city is closing?
    whats your favorite type of cereal or ramen noodles!

  21. I was watching the movie “The Wizard” and thought if it were possible and how difficult it would be to
    convert the power glove for use with the Wii system. If anyone can figure out if it’s possible it’s you
    ben. Big Fan, and continue the awsome work.

  22. GojiraGamer: I was actually reminded of some experiments with the wii remote… Head tracking and others come to mind. Ever thought of using the wii’s wasted circuitry for good?

  23. what are the logistics of making your own games for a console, ie using a Net Yaroze to make PSX games, and then selling or distributing them? would it be illegal to do so? why don’t people do that? do they?

  24. What do you like/hate about Wisconsin?

    If you could have 1 game made about anything in any genre, what would that game be like?


  25. Name possible uses for the wii when hacked apart (like, taking the heatsink, and making it a USB LED Fan/Light!).

  26. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could do with a knife what that old Spaniard did with a brush?

  27. Haha!! Is a man not entitled to the sweat on his brow?

    No says the man in Wisconsin!! Rapture FTW!!

  28. If you invented a time machine, but could only use it once, would you go back in time to kill baby Hitler, or ride a dinosaur?

  29. hi both been a avid listener of your podcast for a while now and am a keen modder myself but was wondering if you thought of doing a step by step video on how to do basic mods on a 360 like extra fans plexi glass windows etc as alot of people would like this i think and then both of you would inspire more people to get into the wonderfull world of modding Thanks Richard Cliff ((Cliffst3rz)) England

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