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You asked questions, we’ve answered in the 55th episode of the podcast! Most of them made it onto the show, with some getting fairly extensive answers such as our opinions on Oscar-bait movies (Slumdog Millionaire should clear a space on its mantle right now), Circuit City closing (sucks but lots of great bargains now), our favorite fast food places and many other things.


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18 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode 55”

  1. A shame that one of the places I used to work at is going out of business, 4 years later after I left them.

    I really would like to go and get some good deals on electronics, but somehow it just feels wrong…

    Like Jones said, it’s like picking the bones dry from a carcas.

  2. Indeed it is Shawn! I actually signed up for one a year ago just to make sure that I got to have the same tag on both systems. Lame but true! LOL

    Feel free to add me as I need people to game with. I literally know like 3 people who own PS3’s…

  3. Hey, you guys remembered me 🙂 yay! And I have to agree, culvers is freaken awesome!

  4. I haven’t played any games on the PS3 yet (big shock I know), but I did watch the last part of BSG Season 3 and Razor on it. And I watched my Pineapple Express Blu-ray. I did say I bought a Blu-ray player after all. Games are secondary when it comes to the PS3 for me. That said, I’m sure I’ll play one at some point.

  5. Yay video podcast, I think a video game review would be great right now with all the new games that have come out. Maybe in addition to video game reviews you could do like a tour of Ben’s workshop. I think people would be interested in something like that.

  6. Hey Ben & Jones,
    There’s a Hardee’s in Delafield… just a short drive from the Midwest Gaming Classic.

    I have to say I’m spoiled… we still have two of them up here in Oshkosh.

  7. @DSchrubbe

    We still have one left around here that I know of. It is probably about 15 minutes away, so definitely within range. I always forget about it though. Guess I need to make it a point to get over there! Or “get in there” as it were.


    Cool! I’ll add you this weekend. Maybe I’ll even pick up a game one of these days…

  8. I worked at a Best Buy around 1995-1996. When I started, the service plans sold themselves. $39 for a four-year computer warranty was a good deal, especially considering most computers at the time cost around $1K. Then one day, Best Buy simultaneously dropped the coverage to three years while doubling the price to $79. Not only that, Corporate demanded we start pushing these service plans aggressively; we had to hear the customer say “no” three times before backing down. I left the company shortly thereafter, and sounds like they have gotten worse in that regard since then. I refuse to shop at Best Buy now (it’s been close to ten years since they saw my last dollar), so I, too, find it sad that Circuit City is closing its doors.

  9. Yeah that’s just it Shinto. BB does a really hard sell on the service plans, whereas Circuit City might ask you once, if at all. They certainly won’t make you feel bad about it, like BB does.

    And trying to sell a service plan on a $15 mouse, or CD? Please. I am against the “throwaway society” thing, but that’s just ridiculous.

    Hopefully I should be good on major purchases for awhile, so I can avoid BB. Games, I dunno. There’s a couple Targets closer than BB, but you always have to ask them to open the glass which is annoying.

  10. Huh. I coulda sworn you already had a CNC router. So you’re building one up, eh? Very nice. In fact, I plan to do the same sometime this year. (4’x8′ work area, computer/screen/mouse built directly into the table, all that fun stuff). If/when you finish it, I’d like to see your build. 🙂 It’s a new and interesting area of exploration for me.

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