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As mentioned a few times in the past our next topic is going to have nothing to do with technology or gaming. Instead we’re going to discuss “Mysteries of the Unexplained” – a podcast devoted to urban legends, ghosts, Nasca lines, Biblical Aliens, Jersey Devils and things of that nature. We’ll throw in Ressurection Mary, Area 51 and Bigfoot while we’re at it. Just in time for Halloween, no less!

Film photo taken by myself in 2003 to use up the last shot on a roll. WTF is that blue thing in the corner? Appears on negative too. Photo buffs please chime in!

What I’d like from our fans and listeners are some suggestions of other mysterious items in history to discuss. Talk about them below and we’ll pick some to bring back on the podcast. Whenever possible, try for some fringe-yet-somewhat-known mysteries, like “Was the Ark of the Covenent a Killer Static Capacitor Built by Moses?” rather than typical stuff like the Loch Ness Monster or Atlantis. Should be a fun time, I’m looking forward to it…

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  1. First I thought you were talking about the lady in the corner then I noticed the birght blue thing and went “oh”.

  2. Agreed, but she is mysteriously way too happy while making photo copies in a dungeon like office devoid of windows, artwork, or modern computers.

  3. How about ghost hunting as a hobby or profession.
    It has its own gadgetry.
    EM Meters:
    Air Ion Counters:

    Here’s some shots of people confirming that Orbs are not dust with their equipment:

    Dude, you totally have to ‘Get In There’ with this manufacturing your own EMF meters!
    You’ve got way better case skills. These guys buy straight Radio Shack.

  4. How about ghost hunting as a hobby or profession.
    It has its own gadgetry.
    Examples: EM Meters, Air Ion Counters, Infrared Thermal Scopes

    Dude, you totally have to ‘Get In There’ with this manufacturing your own EMF meters!
    You’ve got way better case skills. The guys that make these usually buy straight from Radio Shack.

  5. Boy this sounds like fun!
    1. Mothman
    2. Lesser known bigfoots like the susquehanna sasquatch (yep!)
    3. The “yellow book” device found at roswell that predicts the future
    4. Dan Burisch (suspend your disbelief when you read his stuff)
    5. John titor’s 2001 predictions for now, up to 2034 (
    6. Anything to do with Planet X
    7. Our sun’s ‘funny behaviour’ of late, and next solar max predictions
    8. ultraviolot imaging of ghosts and ufo’s with digital cameras
    9. ‘Junk DNA’ may code for something related to us being bioengineered, oh, 200,000 years ago.
    10. Freemason layout of washington, dc (funny pentagram when you google this) – thanks, lafayette
    and washington!

    have fun with google!

  6. This occurs in film for a few possible reasons:

    The camera body has developed a “light leak”. All the light leaks I’ve ever seen are blue. I own a Salyut-C camera from 1972 made in the Ukraine. I know all about light leaks.

    Reflection from the internal metal parts inside the camera. Pretty much same M.O. as a light leak. This is most likely the case if you are sure the camera body itself has no light leaks.

  7. You can’t forget the Yeti or the Yurin from Tibet! (bigfoot varieties)
    Electronic Voice Phenomina (EVP)–ghost related
    Anchient artifacts– The megalyths, the Crystal Skulls (these are intersting!) The Shroud of Turn
    Agharta–a mythical underground kingdom based on an ancient Tibetan legend…atlantis-like subject.
    Cattle mutilation
    Deja Vu
    Kirlian Photographs
    Human-Plant communication

    As for the picture, that looks more like a negative smudge–it’s usually a defect in the particular peice of film that was used to make the picture. That effect isn’t uncommon to happen.

    Plus, it just doesn’t look spooky-enough to be anything paranormal, lol.

  8. – The Brief Sudden Public Antics of the Usually Low-Profile Tom Cruise
    – The JFK Assassination (I kid, this one’s beaten to death)
    – The Mysterious Decline in the Quality of Women Sitting U. S. Presidents Have Nailed on the Side Between 1960 and 1998
    – Nine Eleven (I kid… Not really)
    – And, of course, what the f*ck is the deal with Shannen Doherty’s eyes? Are they, as Peter Griffin once said on Family Guy, “trying to escape”?

    But seriously, I’ve got nothin’.

  9. September 11th, and all of the bullshit conspiracy theories surrounding it. Oh, and the moon landing. Although we actually went there.

  10. i have a cemtary behind my house. There are a few confedrate soilders buried back there. I could try to get a EVP for ya guys if you want.

  11. dude its el swordo surfin the web because my 360 broke. how bout discussin ufos or is elvis still alive. also talk about that one mexican monster that sucks the insides from cows it kills

  12. maybe you can talk about the news of live stock turning up dead with all their blood sucked out of their bodies due to aliens or chupacabra (at least i see on the spanish news, when my parents are watching tv). and while you’re talking about things with no basis in fact you should consider covering alternative medicine.

  13. Ben if you want me too. I’ll try to get you a EVP from the cemtary thats behind my house. I cant make any promsis that i’ll get ya one because I have never tryed to get a EVP from there.

  14. DK from the forum here, How about the whole urban legend of E.T. the game. Was it actually buried in the Nevarda Desert??? * Cue Twilight Zone Music*

  15. I’m pretty sure that time travellers already between us.This is a story from my childhood,I was around 12.I living in Hungary.One week there was a bullseye on thr lottery.The strange thing:10 times!
    The lottery tickets have a serial number,all of them was in order and a person used a same was in the news and I can not forget since.I think nobody collect the money ever.
    maybe some rich people would be fork out the price of the time-travelling(just like a space travelling nowadays),and one of them made a little joke.

  16. Good suggestions all, thanks. I’d rather discuss mysteries than conspiracies, though.

    Speaking of ET, yesterday I decided on an intro for this podcast: “Jason Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Landfill”

  17. Alright, here in mukidee-muktown-mukwonago, Theres the legend of phantom lake. SUPPOSABLY, back when there were Native americans, one of them was killed on the lake late one night. Now, supposably every september second, weird shit happens. According to my grandma, my great-grandpa and his buddies came swimming to the shore late one september second (She lives on the lake…) saying that around midnight they were late night fishing and they saw a man in a robe with one arm and a cane come out of the water. He aimed his cain at the boat and it flipped over.

    In the 70’s, 3 kids, all in there late teens that lived on the lake were going to swim across the lake. they didnt know the legend, and they went out. well supposably around noon it got really dark, you could here loud noises, some people claim to see a whirlpool in the middle of the lake, and none of them were ever seen again.

    They even made a movie about this that was featured in the park last year, it was very loosely based onthe actual legend, but it was actually pretty decent. It’s called “The monster of phantom lake”

  18. I have come to believe that Bruce Campbell is in fact an alien played by Bruce Campbell.

    Bruce Campbell > Alien > Bruce Campbell’s skin.

    Like a symbiotic relationship, The alien needs Bruce’s awesome acting skills to gain access to Tom Cruise while Bruce needs the alien as a talking point at various celebrity get togethers and dinner parties.

    It’s all starting to make sense now. In Evil Dead two theres the famous “Work shed” scene were Bruce is heard to be saying work shed however his lips never move. Now Sam Raimi claimed that this was added in after to draw the scene together however I have reason to believe that Sam was silenced by Bruce when Sam found out about his true identity. He threatened Sam into making the Spiderman movies and putting him in each of them. Sam now though has developed a symbiotic relationship with Bruce due to the success of the Spiderman films and so now Sam is dependent on Bruce to choose which scripts he reads and finally what movies he directs.

    Or possibly not.

  19. I think the mystery of the E.T. Atari game is solved. I found a copy at a thrift store… In one of those hospital beside the bed toilets. A well deserved fate.

  20. Dj-spuddy you are a genius!!

    I have had my eye on Bruce for many years now and I am fully conviced that he is infact an alien and is most likely the reason for the blue streak in the photo. If you look closely you can make out the words “give me some sugar baby” in the blue amomaly in the photo. this is proof that he is influencing Mr heckendorn and is working through him to…

    ok i have taken that to far. it is most likely a light leak in the camera.

    Bruce RULES!!!
    /Hail to the king baby!!

  21. Actually now that you mention it, If you zoom in 32X on the door in the background. On the white piece of paper is a message. I make it out to be “Groovy!”, Thats no light leak! Thats Bruce Campbell trying to escape from the alien I mentioned. Just as Ben took the photo the alien shot back inside Bruce tearing a rift in the space time contiuem. However Ben didn’t see this at the time because he thought the flash of light was his camera. Now Bruce and the alien are trapped in an alternate universe where the alien is a well known actor and Bruce is the alien so to speak. Bruce determined to get back to his own universe tried yet again to escape fooling the alien into jumping back into Bruce and thus transporting them back along a different time rift this time however the rift landed them in Bluff Creek on October 20th, 1967. However the alien was only half way in bruce at the time and so they fused togther of what appeared to be a “Yeti” just in that point in time two people discovered him and began filming him and this is where the famous Patterson-Gimlin film immerged. Bruce and the alien both settled there differences soon after and are now enjoying Bruce’s normal acting career yet again.

    Or possibly not.

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