video podcast episode 30

It’s been a while so we’ve cranked out another video podcast but as promised (threatened?) here’s another one. It covers mostly our topics at Geek.kon but I’ve thrown in some other stuff, as well as a commercial, to spice things up a bit. We didn’t have time to do as much as we liked, but hopefully it’s not too boring.

Jones wants you to Get In There

Topics include Alien VS Aliens, which is better, our Halo 3 tales and finally Independent Filmmaking aka “Horror Stories from Port Washington”. Some fan requests have been considered for the making of this episode, so you’ve been warned.

Watch Podcast Episode 30 (mp4 iPod-style version)

Listen to Podcast Episode 30 (Mp3 Audio-only version)

11 thoughts on “ video podcast episode 30”

  1. P. S. – I’ve been considering getting one of those bean bag chairs for the longest time. Now I’m sold on it.

    P. P. S. – Alien FTW! What the alien lacks in full costume it more than makes up for when we just get that shot of the head, dripping wet, peering in from the side of the camera.

  2. LOL

    Yes, it was quite the day. Definitely the height of ugliness for me and damn do I need a haircut!

    I didn’t realize the beard had such a fan club! LOL It is going to be Winter soon, so maybe it will resurface. Time will tell.

    And yes, Alien kicks all the ass. I didn’t get to rip into Aliens nearly as much as I would have liked, but I guess the fact that Alien is a far superior film will have to tide me over. The metallic liquid dripping off it’s teeth is creep inducing just thinking about it. Also, how about the part at the end where you think Sigourney might be out of the woods and then you see the arm of the alien move in the background?

    Now that is the height of awesomeness!

    Aliens just has a bunch of morons running around shooting stuff. Whoopdie-frickin’-doo!

  3. Well, I think Aliens is also a great movie, but I think the only common bond between it and Alien (and even Alien 3) is the main character; hell, every movie in the series is vastly different from the other. I always think there’s some social commentary in Alien 3, but I can never pick up on it. I would elaborate, but… We have a place for that, don’t we? (And a topic for this already!) =P

  4. Like 2 of the 5 people there actually talked. And I bet they have never heard of this site. And that one guy had a REALLY dorky costume.

  5. Sweet Jesus, Jones what is going on in that photo? Yes all of our bitching previously got us an mp3 version as well

  6. Yes I anticipated the bitching and ran off an MP3 one before anyone could complain 😉

    Course you can’t see beef stew or the Escort collection with just audio…

  7. “The Official Site of Benjamin J Heckendorn is powered by WordPress, electricity, phpbb, beef stew, Diet Pepsi and MGD.”

  8. omfg your my idol lol………………you come up with by far the sickest ideas ever I did computer engineeering my Junior year they dont have it anymore but our school got 1st place in every competition you can imagine =P…………………I would have never thought someone would actually do what you do …………I’m willing to buy a 360 from you lol

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