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AMH Debug 4-8-14

It’s audio video day on Debug Week From Hell. I can only program so long as I must do laundry tonight, meaning I have to be home, awake, for at least 2 hours. Might take a Titanfall break.

  • Working on name entry bugs – transitions from name entry screen to Match screen back to attract mode.
  • Working on high score EEPROM write bug.
  • Speeding up time between last ball drain and name entry / Match animation.
  • EEPROM appears to be fine, it’s the final videos of a game / transition back to Attract Mode that is mucked up. Time to un-muck.
  • A gift to myself – I can go home as soon as I figure out this particular bug (since it’s the only game-breaking A/V locking-up one left)
  • Speeding up time between drain / next ball or player (bit of a blank there!)

AMH Debug 4-7-14

Need to get more sleep. Will try and goto sleep by 10 PM tonight. We’ll see.

  • Making sure Extra Ball being lit doesn’t negatively affect Spooky Door logic in any mode. EB can only be lit during some active modes, but it MIGHT be lit going into a mode, so we have to assume that could happen.
  • Making sure earning a Multiball during eligible modes doesn’t affect door logic.
  • Noticed that multiballs can be “carried out of” the Army Ghost mode. Not sure if that could break the game or not.
  • Maybe allow as many hits on Army Ghost as you want (instead of the usual 3) as long as you’ve got 2 balls or more? That could be cool.
  • Found glitch where Spirit Guide (Stroke of Luck shot) isn’t enabled after defeating Hotel Ghost. Glitch made me realize the spiritGuideEnable() function had a critical error where it could actually DISABLE spirit guide if you enabled when the player didn’t have one earned.
  • Found glitch where leftmost camera icon stays on after Hotel Ghost.  Think it might have something to do with active combos stored along with lamp state at start of mode…  Yup that was the problem.
  • Hotel Mode was the only mode that called storeLamps BEFORE comboKill, so we’re good to go now.
  • When MB is stacked with modes, you collect Jackpot in Hellavator. But also  need to be sure Jackpot Value can be advanced during other modes (not just plain vanilla MB)
  • Stacked MB jackpot increase with Ghost Euthanize mini-mode shot for Hospital Mode.
  • Fixing final glitches with Hospital Ghost Mode.
  • Fixed issue where Combo Shots timing out would erase blinking Tour Mode lights

AMH Debug 4-6-14

Turns out of you have a Windows 8 laptop with touchscreen, you can go back and forward in Chrome by dragging your finger left and right across the screen. That’s kinda cool.

  • Minion MB working well.
  • Hellavator MB working well. Fixed glitch where Minion Targets were erased on Hellavator MB start.
  • Improved end of mode code for Photo Hunt. If I have time, might re-stack it with Ghost Minion Mode.
  • When Hell MB is stacked with eligible modes, it needs a way to advance jackpot value. Going to look into it, “nice to have” not a bug…
  • Working on code to prevent Pop Bumper videos / number displays from overriding prompts when shooting up center shot (it leads to pops, so that’s the issue)

AMH Debug 4-5-14

Ah, the umpteenth consecutive Saturday I’ve been at my shop working.

  • Looking into music play bug  (nope, it was a different mistake, myself forgetting to mask off a bit)
  • Rewrote Minion and Hellavator multiball end code to clear things up
  • Realized using same variable for # of locked balls and how many balls to autolaunch was really stupid.
  • If Hell MB starts, active minion lights get erased – need to fix
  • Added more prompts for “dry” scoop shots, adding time to Photo Hunt, and Ghost Prison Escape
  • Making sure Hellavator Multiballs stacks perfectly with the modes it can stack with (Hospital, War Fort, Haunted Bar, Minion Battle)
  • Fixed glitched with “Lock” staying lit even with Hellavator in down position
  • Think I know why that combo light is staying on! That’s what happens when code gets too old – you forget what did what.
  • Probably won’t enable Wizard Mode or Video mode for MGC – more important that the 99% of the game people will actually see works perfectly!
  • Found glitch where Minion Multiball ending would prevent Spirit Guide from being collected until another mode started – whoops!

AMH Debug 4-3-14

How “done” can I get America’s Most Haunted by Midwest Gaming Classic? Stay tuned for daily updates!

  • Added black stroke around “Spirit Guide is Ready” text on Member Spelling Animations.
  • Added “Spirit Guide Ready After Mode Ends” alternate version on Member Spelling Animations.
  • Cleaned up code for Balcony Jump. Run-up and abort animations work much better.
  • Implementing conditions to light Video Mode (mode not programmed yet)
  • Spell WIKI, TECH and PSYCHIC to light Video Mode (collected at Ghost so ball can be trapped during mode)
  • Found “dead shot” in Hotel Mode, gave it nominal point value, added what to do prompt.
  • Fixed glitch with Spirit Guide awarding Prison Lock Lit
  • Fixed glitch where Spirit Guide Award #17 would never be selected
  • Fixed advance mode glitch where faster progress on Bar or War mode would prevent their Spirit Guide awards from working.
  • Fixed glitch where Mode Total shown after Minion Multiball would not include the “Mode Won” points (but you still got them, just weren’t shown in total)
  • Working on entry/exit issues with Ghost Minion Multiball when stacked with Photo Hunt or Hellavator Multiball.