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Benheck.com Podcast Episode 105


Welcome to fall! This month’s topics include:

  • Amazon package delivery and Cabs Vs Uber.
  • Jones needs a new computer! Ben and Parker offer advice.
  • New Tomb Raider movie – is it going to be any good?
  • What made Indiana Jones good vs modern “adventure” films AKA the death of straightforward, simple plots.
  • Ben discusses Cuphead.
  • Parker brings up Duke Nukem Forever as he does on every podcast.
  • Discussing Ghost Squad 2 – our 2017 Halloween YouTube Special.
  • Our movie predictions always come true – we discuss!
  • In the movie Blade Runner, examples of why Deckard was terrible at his job of being a Blade Runner.
  • I try to convince Jones to watch Black Mirror.
  • Dead Space memories.


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