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Benheck.com Podcast Episode 110


This month’s topics include:

    • The beginning of the end for theaters? Netflix buying many films and releasing them on the small screen instead of theaters.
      • Could Charlize Theron take Gal Gadot in a fight?
      • Ben talks about his “artifact collection”.
      • Discussing Space Shuttles.
    • Microtransactions – have gamers had enough? Is it finally time for the base price of a game to rise?
      • Which company will “rip off the scab” and raise the price to $70?
      • How much Hamburger we each put into Hamburger Helper.
      • What would be used as currencies in a post apocalyptic world?
      • More inflation discussion (price of video games vs everything else)
  • Disney to dump EA as their videogame partner?
    • Is it really a bad thing for EA?
    • Ben explains his Kickstarter idea for Road House 2.
    • How to turn anything into a Cloverfield movie!

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A chunk of the Berlin wall!


The meteor that hit Wisconsin and became a meteorite!

Benheck.com Podcast Episode 88


We’re back again! Topic today include:

  • The price of videogames and DLC, Season Passes and add-on content
    • We use a calculator to see how inflation might somehow be involved – shocking!
    • Cost of games has barely risen while development costs have skyrocketed.
    • Historical comparison of game prices.
    • How inflation is “hidden” in games, compared to how it’s hidden in food and other items.
  • Deadpool’s success and the sure-to-come New Wave of R-Rated Films
    • What will Hollywood’s knee-jerk reaction be?
    • Why theaters should charge people for bringing babies to movies
    • How airlines should arrange passengers on an airplane
    • PG-13 strip clubs scenes in movies
    • Anyone old enough to care about Die Hard, Terminator, etc IS OLD ENOUGH TO SEE AN R-RATED MOVIE!
    • What if Pixar made an R-rated movie? (for some reason)
  • Current state of the Battlefield franchise and what should change
    • How to use tanks in Battlefield.
    • Our hatred of snipers in videogames!
    • Titanfall’s mech balance vs Battlefield’s armor
    • Getting very tired of fake “modern warfare” scenarios that no longer make any sense.
    • Would WW1 make a fun game?


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