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Benheck.com Podcast Episode 96


I’m getting over a cold, so please excuse my weak voice and any coughing I couldn’t quite edit out.

Juicy topics includes:

  • The Nintendo Switch Reveal
    • Our thoughts on the reveal trailer.
    • Do 6 star hotels exist?
    • We try to remember the name of the Wisconsin city “Kenosha”
    • Who is this product for? xWill 3rd parties support it?
    • What the system needs to do in order to have a chance.
  • Microsoft Surface Products and new Apple Macbooks
    • MS is going for the markets Apple has traditionally held.
    • Why Microsoft should concentrate on enterprise customers.
    • Could a Surface Phone ever exist?
    • Is Apple screwing their most loyal customers? Do they even care?
    • How do you pronounce “Wacom”?
  • Bethesda’s new Game Review policy 
    • They are no longer giving out advance review copies.
    • Only available to critics one day before launch.
    • Why are they doing this? We discuss reaons beyond knee-jerk reactions.
  • Ben finally sees the Ghostbuster remake!
    • (Trigger warning: I kind of liked it)
    • Jones discusses how it compares to Paul Feig’s previous movies (which I have not seen)
    • How the original Ghostbusters painted itself into a corner in such a way that made sequels difficult and remakes easier.
    • Jones has noticed Tom Cruise has had a lot of recent movies with strong female leads.
    • How other recent movies have given women strong roles without just doing a “gender swap”.
    • Then Jones and I go completely off topic and discuss Bram Stoker’s Dracula and The Rocketeer.


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The framed Mad Magazine comic I mention during the podcast.
The framed Mad Magazine comic I mention during the podcast.