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PS2/PS3/PC version of the Access Controller now shipping

The time has come! The PS2/PS3/PC version of the Access Controller is now shipping, in case the headline above somehow slipped your view.

There's nothing quite like unboxing a box you designed...
Unboxing the unit. I went with a much simpler “blue” look for the box this time, with a couple Easter Eggs on there as well.

You can use the link over on the right-hand side of the site to place your order and read more about the unit. I guess you could also click right here, wow copy/paste is awesome!

We’re still working on the Xbox 360 version (review process and what not) and will keep you posted once we know more. But yes, for the Sony and PC fans though you’re ready to go… hope it works well for you!

Coming next week: a How-To guide on modding this controller to add your own peripherals. Yes, that’s right – how to hack a Benheck product.

I had no reservations about running this cheesy image

The bus-like nature of the module plugs and the fact there’s always one empty make this quite doable and easy. Add a foot pedal to better help those in need, a larger joystick, all sorts of stuff… stay tuned!