PS2/PS3/PC version of the Access Controller now shipping

The time has come! The PS2/PS3/PC version of the Access Controller is now shipping, in case the headline above somehow slipped your view.

There's nothing quite like unboxing a box you designed...
Unboxing the unit. I went with a much simpler “blue” look for the box this time, with a couple Easter Eggs on there as well.

You can use the link over on the right-hand side of the site to place your order and read more about the unit. I guess you could also click right here, wow copy/paste is awesome!

We’re still working on the Xbox 360 version (review process and what not) and will keep you posted once we know more. But yes, for the Sony and PC fans though you’re ready to go… hope it works well for you!

Coming next week: a How-To guide on modding this controller to add your own peripherals. Yes, that’s right – how to hack a Benheck product.

I had no reservations about running this cheesy image

The bus-like nature of the module plugs and the fact there’s always one empty make this quite doable and easy. Add a foot pedal to better help those in need, a larger joystick, all sorts of stuff… stay tuned!

26 thoughts on “PS2/PS3/PC version of the Access Controller now shipping”

  1. Regarding this one handed controller… I was trying to get my girlfriend to watch some of your movies. She was understandably skeptical, and kept asking who you were. I’d try to tell her that you’re the guy who makes X-Box Laptops, and Atari “gameboys” (handheld she doesn’t understand, “gameboy” she does), and she just didn’t care.

    Then I showed her this product, and how you’ve done this for the handicapped, with a specific intention of use for wounded soldiers. She was really touched (her brother is in the army), and thought you were the most awesome person in the world. Then I told her the guy who made the cool one handed controller for soldiers is the guy who made Possumus Man… and we watched it that night.

    She didn’t really “get it”… but she enjoyed it.

    Long story short… you’re awesome Ben.

  2. I have got to quit commenting on things when I’ve been drinking. I am truly sorry for the horrable previous post :”>

  3. Anyone use this yet? Curious what a one-handed person has to say. Hard to drop $130 without getting to check it out at your local box store.

  4. Got mine the other day. Took it to a buddy’s house yesterday to try it out on his PS3 as I do not have one yet. I lost my arm two years ago in a motorcycle accident and was really loking forward to a product like this. The concept and layout of the controller is great. I love the fact that you can swap out the controll hubs so it’s custom to your liking and the game you are playing. Only problem I had with the controller was that the x, o, square, triangle, and trigger buttons all require a lot of pressure to activate them. It was a bit annoying playing “need for speed” and having to hold down the trigger button extremely hard for 90% of the time. I thought I might be crazy so had my more able bodied friend try it, and even with both hands he agreed it was a bit rediculous how much pressure was required on the trigger button to bring the car to top speed. Even when cyclinh through the steps of the setup of the game, I was pounding the buttons to type in my name and click ok to start. If that problem gets fixed I would say this is an amazing controller, but for now, I believe its a dust collector.

  5. On my continuing trek for a PS3/PC game controller with a trackball for the right analog stick, I eventually found my way to this site. Pretty cool device/mods. How hard would it be to make an opto or mech thumb ball attachment? Or even a small circular touchpad like the ones on a dinovo edge keyboard. I can’t use a mouse due to RSS, and I find console FPS just not fun, but no one has brought one to the market yet with a thumbball (re: the paradox controller and the glideFX), which I understand on a certain level the people who get all hot and bothered by the idea of a mouse pointer in console FPS, but not being able to play at all isn’t an option.

  6. @Mike

    I agree with Trevor , the buttons are too hard to press down. Playing with one hand it’s too much strain.

    Ben needs to show us how to mod the buttons module. Or offer a replacement.

    I’d say don’t get it unless they acknowledge the problem and say it’s been fixed.

  7. Bonjour je viens de recevoir la manette et je suis trés déçu les 2 boutons analogiques ne fonctionnent pas!!!Quelqu’un peut m’aider car la c’est vraiment impossible de jouer avec les fleches directionnelles.
    Merci a vous

  8. Well i hope this controller works as good as it sounds. I’m buying this controller for my buddy who blew his hand off a number of years ago. As we’ve gotten older our crazy all night drinking parties have turned into hanging out and playing playstation 3. He navigates the standard controller well with some games but can’t use all the buttons with others with different button layouts. This sucks when triing to play the new kick ass game i’ve picked up and the excitement to play turns into……..sorry bro. Thanks for triing to help and if this controller works i’ll write back with great appreciation.

  9. I was wondering if anyone had a problem setting this controller up with the ps3. I can’t seem to get mine to work. Any feedback would be great thanks.

  10. I’m on the market for a one-hand controller. Any word on the status of the difficulty pressing x, o square, circle, trigger buttons?

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