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Super Desk!

Did you know I also design my own furniture?

Behold SUPER DESK! Routed from 1.5 sheets of 3/4″ birch veneer plywood, it is the pinnacle of 21st century desk engineering. It easily comes apart into pieces making moving a snap! For more pics and info click below.

While building this I wondered “Would anyone buy Benheck-designed furniture?” The parts could be routed, shipped to the customer with the plans, and they could sand, stain and assemble in the comfort of their own homes.Something like this would probably be around $300+shipping. Crazy idea? Good idea? Let me know!

Want the plans? Here they are, go nuts!

In other news, I realize there has been a lack of updates lately. This is because I am moving across town, getting ready for Games for Health in Boston, building 2 new Xbox 360 laptops, a new C64 laptop using the 1541-III Ultimate, and finally a new Pelican case Xbox 360 as well. We’re planning to record new podcasts this weekend so keep your shorts on, OK?

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