Super Desk!

Did you know I also design my own furniture?

Behold SUPER DESK! Routed from 1.5 sheets of 3/4″ birch veneer plywood, it is the pinnacle of 21st century desk engineering. It easily comes apart into pieces making moving a snap! For more pics and info click below.

While building this I wondered “Would anyone buy Benheck-designed furniture?” The parts could be routed, shipped to the customer with the plans, and they could sand, stain and assemble in the comfort of their own homes.Something like this would probably be around $300+shipping. Crazy idea? Good idea? Let me know!

Want the plans? Here they are, go nuts!

In other news, I realize there has been a lack of updates lately. This is because I am moving across town, getting ready for Games for Health in Boston, building 2 new Xbox 360 laptops, a new C64 laptop using the 1541-III Ultimate, and finally a new Pelican case Xbox 360 as well. We’re planning to record new podcasts this weekend so keep your shorts on, OK?

Super Desk in pieces, with a pile of 3″ long 1/2″ bolts/nuts for assembly. Parts include main desk surface, two side pieces, rear brace and 2 side “wings” to hold the PC, printer, trash can etc. Unlike IKEA crap this desk was made from quality American plywood (the sawdust from which becomes IKEA furniture).

The side pieces being slotted into the main surface. The idea here was to make assembly simple, so the desk could be broken down into pieces for easy transporting. Could be handy for college kids who move every summer! Being a Benheck design, the desk is filled with circles and curves and follows a theme of fractal geometry.

Slotting the rear brace into the sides. There are holes everywhere on this thing (all symmetrically placed of course) so you can easily thread cords all over the place. As you can tell, I only stained the parts I knew people would see, a lazy habit that recently bit me in the ass when I moved my custom TV stand.

Here you can see the parts of the desk bolted together. There are (5) total flanges requiring 10 bolts/nuts/lock washers. They were actually pretty cheap, I went to Farm & Fleet, don’t tell the folks at Ace.

Here you can see the bolts holding the flanges together – I thought about using wing nuts but they were quite a bit more expensive than plain nuts. Note the power strip mounted at a 45 degree angle – pretty swank, eh?

Finished desk with computer. Obviously this was designed for my dual-monitor setup, but other designs are possible. (Evangeline Lilly wallpaper not included)

Coming Soon: SUPER WORK BENCH 2009!!!

15 thoughts on “Super Desk!”

  1. Very nice Ben, although I like my desks to have drawers/cabinets/some type of storage. I like the overall design though!

  2. It’s nice. I’d prefer the top made of solid wood, but it’d probably be a thousand dollar table at that point.

    It is a hell of a lot nicer than anything you’d buy from Wal-Mart for that price. Probably cost another hundred just to ship though.

    P.S. Making a post every now and then saying “ha ha, I’m moving, and you’re not getting any new content, screw off!” would be better than not posting anything at all.

  3. looks cool man, you never can beat the satisfaction of designing a product just for you!!!! well done

  4. Sweet Table – looks like you’ll have plenty of room to put all your goodies everywhere!

    Are the wings just sitting in slots, and supported on their own?

    Looks really solid! Having had to assemble and dis-assemble using those Barrel nuts and bolts, let me say I would definitely prefer through-bolts. I’m guessing the slots are pretty snug?

    Staining is a pain, but I’ve also encountered the problems associated with only staining visible wood! 🙂

  5. What about doing a desk with a built in Xbox 360 with monitors or a desk with drawers that has hidden compartments.

  6. Awesome design, I was actually looking around for some computer desk plans and yours is by far the best I’ve seen and I’m actually gonna use it. Two questions though, what did you use for the feet of the bottom “wings” where you your tower sits and where would you recommend blowing up the plans (if anywhere can actually print a 4’x8′ plan)?

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