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Possumus Woman poster + release date

Mark your calendars now – Possumus Woman strikes on October 31st! (yes, 2008)

Official Possumus Man 2: Possumus Woman poster
None of this actually happens in the movie but I don’t care. Click here for full-size, printable version.

Yes that’s correct – unlike all of my other movies Possumus Woman is being done in a timely fashion! Editing is complete, there are only a couple of special effects left to do (already in progress), and all I really have left is sound editing, which I plan to do over the next few weekends.

As with Port Washington the plan is to have a “web premiere” allowing persons to download the movie for free on the release date, in a variety of formats including iPod video and hi-def Quicktime/WMV. Think of it as an expensive YouTube video – I just did it for fun, as a hobby, but want to share it with the world. It was a fun break from the daily “portables” grind.

We also plan to have some local showings in the south central Wisconsin area, likely in early November. Jason Jones is in charge of those so more details as they become available.

Lots of Possumus Man 2: Possumus Woman stills

Just so people realize my site is indeed still live and active, check out this gallery of PM2 stills. You can click on them for full-resolution versions, suitable for framing!

The movie is about 72% filmed at this point and we hope to finish up shooting by the end of August. In other news, there are some cool things going on which of course I’ll talk about on this site once I am able.

Click below to bring up the gallery, and stay tuned!

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