Possumus Woman poster + release date

Mark your calendars now – Possumus Woman strikes on October 31st! (yes, 2008)

Official Possumus Man 2: Possumus Woman poster
None of this actually happens in the movie but I don’t care. Click here for full-size, printable version.

Yes that’s correct – unlike all of my other movies Possumus Woman is being done in a timely fashion! Editing is complete, there are only a couple of special effects left to do (already in progress), and all I really have left is sound editing, which I plan to do over the next few weekends.

As with Port Washington the plan is to have a “web premiere” allowing persons to download the movie for free on the release date, in a variety of formats including iPod video and hi-def Quicktime/WMV. Think of it as an expensive YouTube video – I just did it for fun, as a hobby, but want to share it with the world. It was a fun break from the daily “portables” grind.

We also plan to have some local showings in the south central Wisconsin area, likely in early November. Jason Jones is in charge of those so more details as they become available.

18 thoughts on “Possumus Woman poster + release date”

  1. Man, now my stomach and brain are in a conflict. Trick or treating, or possumus woman (yes I’m 15 and still like halloween)

  2. Sweeeeetnesss!! I can’t wait for it to be finished! That poster is sooooo going on my wall!

    @Turknatr: 15 and still like halloween? Shoot, I’m 22 and I still like halloween! Albeit, I don’t go trick or treating anymore, but dressing in crazy costumes is always fun!

    Speaking of costumes, what will become of the possumus outfit? If you’re ever going to get rid of it, I wouldn’t mind having it! 🙂

  3. Will the video be uploaded to only your website or other uploading services? I suppose quite a few people will be downloading it the day of and I was just hoping that you decided to upload it to a few other sites just for the premiere. I don’t want to wait in line or forever 😛

  4. Maybe upload it as a torrent?

    If you auction off the possum suit let me know, I’d be willing to bid a couple hundred on it =)

    I was jazzed to see the Bronco of Death (TM) made the movie poster =)

  5. How about actually putting it on YouTube? You know someone is going to do it if you don’t, Ben. It would probably save you a TON of bandwidth.

  6. If we provide ye with some blank media could we get ye to burn a high quality version for us Ben? I know alot of sites/people are limited on bandwidth… but I’d love a high bandwidth version if one becomes available. Heck, I’d even donate server space to host the download if ye need it.

  7. Actually yeah, I’d love a high quality DVD copy! (DVD only cause I’m too cheap to go HD…) I’d even provide this disk 🙂

  8. I’d be willing to burn DVD’s for people as long as Ben doesn’t mind and I can obtain a high quality version of the film. No need to provide me with media either, seeing as how blank DVDs are so cheap these days.

    Plus, I got an extra $200 out of the bronco when I sold it since it was a ‘screen used movie prop’ so I kinda owe Ben anyway 😉

  9. Yeah I’m going to make a DVD ISO, probably single-sided, so I can get that to you Brad if you’d like to duplicate it.

    For downloadable versions, probably going to have iPod 320×240 (matted) WMV HD (1280×72) and some other stuff. Will probably shy away from iPod/QT HD since it’s so processor-intensive.

    I could even make a Blu-Ray (I have the software) but don’t want to drop the money on a burner just so a couple of my friends can watch it.

  10. WMV HD (1280×72)

    Nice! It’ll be in 17/1 aspect ratio! Ben, you do live on the cutting edge! Now I need to go buy a 10 feet wide, and I’ll be set!

    Oh… on a serious note… WMV? Really? Why? No change of a divx/xvid release? It might be a proprietary codec, but so is WMV… and everyone already has all the codecs necessary to play divx/xvid for their… errrr… “educational purposes” (not downloading Heroes off torent).

    Just a suggestion… I’m sure it’ll come to naught, because if I were making a movie and some douchebag on my message boards told me I had to do it differently, I’d call him a douchebag, and make it in WMV just to spite him.

    “I KNOW!”

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