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Benheck.com Podcast Episode 100!


We finally made it to 100 episodes, and have a super-sized episode to celebrate!

Joining us once again is Parker Dillmann from Macrofab!

Topics include:

    • Are R-rated movies coming back?
      • John Wick and Logan do well, while PG-13 Ghost in the Shell flops.
      • Are people finally tired of PG-13?
      • The lack of finality in modern movies, and why this is emotionally bad.
      • How does the Galactic Senate work in Star Wars? Were the Gungans properly represented?
    • Nintendo Switch Impressions Now That It’s Out
      • Right analog stick is awful – why?
      • Load times are worse on cartridge than SD card – huh?
      • Parker gives his impressions of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
      • The first Zelda game with DLC?
      • Difficult games – old school fun or a waste of time in a busy world?
    • Open World Gaming – What Is it? 
      • Jones and Parker discuss World and Warcraft and Ben falls asleep.
    • PS4 Pro / 4K gaming
      • Is it worth it?
      • Jones gets an OLED TV!
      • Console Gaming is becoming more like PC gaming – our thoughts!
      • Why Ben and Jones won’t play old games.
      • Parker and Jones discuss why they didn’t buy Mass Effect Andromeda.
    • Movie Talk!
      • Ben complains about theater projection.
      • Is the theater becoming an exclusive event experience instead of cheap entertainment?
      • What movies should Disney make live-action remakes of next? (They’ll do them all, but in what order?”
      • Is anyone going to care about Avatar 2 when it eventually comes out?


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