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New Xbox 360 Portable Revision 5

Click image for super-sized, suitable for framing version.

A few months ago I announced that I would be building a few more Xbox 360 portables, and well, here’s one now! While it looks similar to the previous model it’s once again a from-scratch redesign and has the following features:

  • Built-in Ethernet port, finally.
  • Built-in WiFi adapter, as usual.
  • Digital pushbutton volume control rather than a clunky knob. I used a different audio amp as well, and it sounds a lot better.
  • Flush-mount DVD door and side panels (such as the memory card slots)
  • IR sensor for the remote control.
  • Two user USB ports.
  • More air holes!
  • Jasper motherboard.

For more pictures, info and a demo video, click below. Both of these new units are spoken for (commission) but later this summer, after I take a break, I will probably be taking on new work so stay tuned!

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