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Play “Lost” Pinball at Chicago Pinball Expo Next Weekend

McFarlane’s “Lost” action figures allowed us to increase the bikini content of this pinball machine 175% over previous models.

Team Heckendorn has been working furiously on “Lost” pinball for several months now, with the goal of having a playable game at the Chicago Expo. Through our tireless efforts and backbreaking work. this goal will be a reality, unless a meteor strikes the Midwest or something.

Not only can you play the game, but you can enjoy our seminar “Godzilla Gets Lost in the Big Juicy Melons” at 3:30 on Friday, featuring Dennis Nordman, Greg Freres,  Chuck Emery and myself, speaking about homebrew pinball.

“Lost” easily surpasses “Bill Paxton Pinball” (which we may also bring) as the most complicated project I’ve ever built. It contains:

  • New pinball OS that re-uses almost 5% of the code I wrote for Bill Paxton Pinball.
  • Full color LCD display
  • (5) Skill Shots that let you put the ball where you want it upon launch (crash?)
  • On that note, autoplunger!
  • Frozen Donkey Wheel that can collect up to all 5 balls.
  • 3D printed playfield toys such as the “Jughead” bomb and the lighthouse.
  • Under playfield tunnels.
  • Fully working hatch you can shoot the ball into.
  • A magnet, since the show had lots of electromagnetism, it just made sense.
  • Servo-controlled lane changer on upper playfield.
  • Ball-barfing “Light Cave”, the only thing I allowed from Season 6.
  • Ball stopper on main orbit and “hidden” John Locke Lock. (yeah we went there)
  • Kickback on left outlane.

“Lost” runs off the breadboard version of the Ben Heck “Pinball Development Platform” which can run 64 matrixed switches, 64 matrixed lights, RGB cabinet lighting, 24 solenoids / magnets / shakers, 3 servos, 8+ optos or general I/O, (3) channel 16 bit stereo sound, 16 bits of LED backbox lighting elements plus NTSC, VGA or DMD display.

Hope to see you all there!

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