Win a Benheck Xbox 360 Laptop from THQ

I’ve partnered with THQ to provide a prize in their Darksiders sweepstakes – an Xbox 360 laptop, built by myself and painted by Joe Mad, based off the game.

Subject to change, but I hope not

Concept drawing of the design. But instead of white, imagine art painted all over it…

Not only that, but this will be the best Xbox 360 laptop yet! The design features a dock for a full-size, unaltered Xbox 360 hard drive, so you can share data with your home console. Astounding. Additionally, both memory card slots are accessible, should you need those for some reason. Other features include the usual built-in WiFi and Xbox Live Vision camera. One big change is lack of keyboard – it’s useless 99% of the time anyway and they have those chat pads for the controllers as it is.

Contest ends in October I believe, so by all means head on over to their site, take a look around, and get entered. Thanks to Adam King at THQ for providing myself and the community this opportunity!

Click here to get in on the

(This should explain why I cracked open a 60 gig Xbox 🙂

20 thoughts on “Win a Benheck Xbox 360 Laptop from THQ”

  1. Awwww… superfluous as it may have been… and understandably the most difficult part to wire-up… it was the keyboard that make it a “laptop”.

    Meh… I’m sure it’ll still be awesome though. Awesome break for ya Ben. Congratulations. I’m genuinely surprised some company hasn’t put you on salary to work for them full time.

    Since I’ve been reading your site, every time I see a poorly designed presentation for a piece of technology (PS3), I think of you, and wonder how much cheaper you’d have been willing to work for than the guy who actually designed that piece of crap.

  2. it seems that people outside the US cant enter. 🙁 thats bad news for me and god knows how many other aussies. oh well maybe next time

  3. Wow!!!!! I thought that it was some site like Engadget or Joystiq doing this contest. But THQ, I would of never though that they would even support Portablizing, letter known give one away as part of a sweepstakes. Way to go for THQ for bringing portablizing in to the big time.

    I guess we are about to get a bunch of noobs flooding the forums pretty soon because of this.

  4. Ben, I did get an idea for your next laptop. Include a media keyboard which has all the functionality of the Xbox 360 remote on the keyboard… that way you can navigate the menus and play movies without using a controller.

  5. Very generous of you Ben to make such an expensive gift to give away. I hope the publicity generates enough profit from orders to make it worth your while.

  6. That is awsome i just found about benheck yesterday after seeing all this i am amazed .
    i hope i win the the sweepstakes!

  7. Well it is not a giveaway from me, but THQ. Also, the image I posted was originally CMYK, forgot to make it RGB, so sorry to anyone who didn’t have it appear in their browser.


  8. Are you currently building it? Can I visit your house? I’m like 30 minutes away. 😉

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