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Benheck.com Podcast Episode 116


In this episode we discuss:

  • So many games coming out this fall!
    • Which ones are we interested in?
    • How can they all be successful?
    • Are these open world games cheaper to develop than linear ones?
  • Battlefield V Discussion
    • Parker hated Battlefield 1. Ben loved it. We discuss!
    • The insane amount of detail Battlefield 1 put into the guns, yet they have Random Bullet Deviation unlike earlier BF games.
    • What Battlefield V is supposed to do differently.
    • How EA will make up for revenue lost with no Premium Pass.
    • Why rampant character customization could be bad for gameplay.
  • Projects we’ve been working on lately.
    • Ben’s accessibility controllers and new Controller Monitors.
    • Parker’s Signal Defined Radio to make a DIN-slot car radio with the Raspberry Pi.
    • We discuss computers inside cars.
  • Macrofab, Oshpark and manufacturing in USA.
    • Have the Chinese tariffs affected Parker’s company? Where does this stuff come from?
    • We then discuss pollution and environmentalism for a while, and argue about California’s “straw ban”.


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