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2 more Xbox 360 laptops for the having

I have (2) Jasper Xbox 360’s laying around so I figured why not build some more laptops?

Shown above is my new design. It is pretty similar to the Darksiders laptop but has a few changes:

  • Grill area will be different (but probably not what’s shown above)
  • No camera (what’s the point)
  • Volume slider will be integrated into design and not an obvious afterthought like the Darksiders model 🙂
  • (2) USB slots (since the camera frees one up)
  • Ethernet port + built-in Wifi.
  • Possibly smaller power supply (working on that)

If you are interested in this new design please let me know. The planned completion of the 2 new units would be late June, and the cost would be the usual $5000 US. Please no “trade-in” offers, deals, credits, etc, it’s that cost flat. (Unless you have a green 1999 Ford Escort station wagon 5 speed for trade)

In other news I will probably start taking custom work and orders again in May, so stay tuned. Some site enhancements are in the works as well.