2 more Xbox 360 laptops for the having

I have (2) Jasper Xbox 360’s laying around so I figured why not build some more laptops?

Shown above is my new design. It is pretty similar to the Darksiders laptop but has a few changes:

  • Grill area will be different (but probably not what’s shown above)
  • No camera (what’s the point)
  • Volume slider will be integrated into design and not an obvious afterthought like the Darksiders model 🙂
  • (2) USB slots (since the camera frees one up)
  • Ethernet port + built-in Wifi.
  • Possibly smaller power supply (working on that)

If you are interested in this new design please let me know. The planned completion of the 2 new units would be late June, and the cost would be the usual $5000 US. Please no “trade-in” offers, deals, credits, etc, it’s that cost flat. (Unless you have a green 1999 Ford Escort station wagon 5 speed for trade)

In other news I will probably start taking custom work and orders again in May, so stay tuned. Some site enhancements are in the works as well.

47 thoughts on “2 more Xbox 360 laptops for the having”

  1. hi, im from Malaysia,can you give me one free ps3p please,because in $5000 in Malaysia is RM 18500 and thats way expensive in Malaysia so please

    This is my address

    No.45 jalan 7/5 seksyen 7 43650 bandar baru bangi selangor Malaysia


    “””hi, im from Malaysia,can you give me one free ps3p please,because in $5000 in Malaysia is RM 18500 and thats way expensive in Malaysia so please

    This is my address

    No.45 jalan 7/5 seksyen 7 43650 bandar baru bangi selangor Malaysia”””

  3. Green 199x Ford Escort Station wagon. What is it with these cars? I own one and for the life of me I cant kill it! Strangely, every 3-5 months I find a note on the windshield asking if I want to sell it. While your offer to trade this car for one of your 360laptops is compelling, I just cant part with that car. What is it about that car that makes you want one?

  4. Hazeeq, are you some kind of dumbass? Get off this site. I think the whole laptop thing is getting ooooold. You are an intelligent and creative person, maybe come up with another interesting design for everyone to gawk at? Wish i could come up with a suggestion, but i cant. 😛

  5. My favorite part of all this nonsense is that Ben likely thinks $5,000 is an absurd price for something so pointlessly frivolous, but “god” bless capitalism, free market, and his ability to find that price for his products.

    Stupid people are willing to pay it, so more power to him.

  6. Project, actually last fall I saw a green, probably 1998 Ford Escort wagon 5-speed in the parking lot of Home Depot. I seriously would have left a note but the driver’s door was scratched up.

    I just like them a lot… you can put stuff in the back, mileage is great, parts are cheap. And 5 speeds are fun!

    American car manufacturers have built PLENTY of efficient cars (Escorts, Geo Metros, Rangers, Cavilers) the problem is they bet the farm on the high-profit SUV tanks and “penis trucks” and now that market’s drying up.

    Last summer’s stupidly high gas prices probably had a bigger effect on the current economic problem than people realize… no better way to ruin consumer confidence than for a daily cost to DOUBLE in price.

    Not everyone owns a home, not every homeowner has an ARM, but EVERYBODY drives.

  7. I’ve been wanting to do this for years (since I saw your first 360 Labtop), so I’ve been trying to integrating the 360 into a LCD screen (like the Mac/HP products). I’ve gotten the LCD, Speakers and both powersupplies well integrated, but my 360 just hangs out the back. Any suggestions on a thinner drive which will work with the 360?

  8. cyc, a desktop 360 would be pointless, its just a matter of porting it to a larger, less space efficient box that isn’t portable, there’s absolutely no point in it unless it was an xdk or homebrew had been achieved.

    good job though heck, cant wait to see the final results.

  9. Ben are you going to release the How To for this? My wife and I are anxious to try and build one but we are waiting for the final parts of the PS3 laptop instructions.

  10. Cyc,
    Building an xbox 360 in a desktop is no challenge. The desktop case gives you all the room you need and more for everything.

  11. Jimmy, perhaps I could video myself and throw it on Youtube.

    I’m not really a Youtube guy but people might find it interesting.


  12. hazeeq, you must NOT know the time and effort to build a portable. it takes patience, skill and a whole lot of money. Giving one (thats any portable built. not just a ps3p or 360 laptop) away for free is not gonna happen,…EVER.(unless we have that “one guy” who will do it just to contradict me). i don’t know the economic ladder of your country, but you will have to pay for luxuries or build them yourself, just like the rest of us. so dont ask things like that, please, it takes up space.

  13. dude, i saw you in the xbox magazine the other day… pretty cool article.. you need to find a way to mass produce these laptops… you could make a killing!!

  14. David you say he could make a killing if he mass produce them, Here’s an idea why don’t you look up how to make them and do it your self just a thought you know.

  15. Here’s a challenge, built either a tabletop 360, so the 360 is spread thin across the bottom side of a table. Or build a 360 into a high end computer system 🙂

  16. I’d love to know how to make them. Any ‘How To’ tutorials or books on how you ‘precisely’ create this masterpieces?

    I also saw how much you want after I sent you two emails and left you a few comments on different sites and laptops. I’d still be willing to pay close to 5g’s. I would though, like to know how you created them.

  17. are these still available and also would u make some less expensive ones maybe like $3000 but i think i could come up with this somehow plz get back to me

  18. i want buy Xbox 360 laptop please call me who could i buy them or my phone number is (650)201-5138 my name is Cecilia Rea who to win a Xbox 360 laptop call me

  19. Can you sell me one for about $300.99 or $350.99 my name is Dakota Lynn and my phone number is (606)-706-3557 my grandma will most likly answer the phone and her name is Eileen Denson she will tell you if she can get me one, and if she can tell either her where to get it thank you.

  20. Who ever you are stop posting, you will not get a 360 laptop for 350.99 NOT POSSIBLE…Im guessing you are a little kid so, sorry to break your heart but save your money till you have $5000 if its really worth that to you

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