Thank you to G4 and about my movies…

By now you’ve probably all seen my G4 appearance, complete with my, hm, “colorful” analogy for videogame emulation. I must say though that emulation is a great method for playing games you might otherwise never get a chance to (on cartridge / original media) If it weren’t for emulation I probably would have never thought to buy “Neo Turf Masters” for my Neo Geo arcade machine – and now it’s the game me and my friends play the most!

Anyways I’d like to thank the people at G4 for having me on – they treated me very well! Thanks!

Also I’d like to use this recent up swell in popularity to push my independent films I work on. If anyone has info on good ways of releasing / distributing them, let me know! It’s always a part of the process I’ve sucked at. Port Washington is done except for its musical score.

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