A few notes about my book, assorted FAQ

No big updates (yet…) but I wanted to say a few things to maybe answer some usual questions I get lately:

1) I am not building, nor will build any more N64 or PS2 portables. Both of the projects were ungainly difficult and not really worth it in the end. Only 1 of them each was built, and they’ve both been sold. The end.

2) My book (site for it found here) describes making portables systems out of the Atari 2600, NES, SNES and PS1. It does not contain N64 or PSP2 instructions. Again those 2 systems are very difficult to work with, N64 motherboards die at the drop of the hat, just ask anyone in my forums.

3) I am not currently making cases for, or creating “how to’s” for the N64 or PS2p. This is two-fold: A how-to would conflict with my book, and cases would require me to write the how-to, which I’m not doing.

OK that should answer 90% of the email I get. Sorry if it sounded a bit blunt but I am really trying to put the N64p and PS2p out of the picture.

Ultimate Portable System of All Time Coming!

The thing to remember here is that it’s what I consider to be the best project ever. Something I’ve wanted to do since the days of the first VCSp. Anyways I’ve got all the parts now and it looks like it’ll work, so expect to see it soon. Trust me – it will rule.

Not to come right out and say what it is, just rest assured I won’t be pokey in my construction of it and I promise my usual antics won’t get in the way either.

Finally I’ve made some changes and done some updates to my book site as well. Enjoy and see you all soon!

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